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Getting Slim – aham – Filofax Slim!

Today I got ANOTHER “I-love-your-blog” email”!!!! YAAAAY!!!!

This is too much fun people! Too much fun! Very happy! 🙂

As she likes my Filofax posts, I decide to at least show off the beauty I have been experimenting with these days:

You had probably seen it if you are on Twitter.

I am not doing a full set-up post because that is actually no set up yet.
Just tucked in all I could.
This weekend I am hoping to work on it a bit more.

And here it is a different shot!
I had to hide that gorgeousness inside the file cabinet today so I could focus on work 😀 Haha

And shinny!

That will be it for today, way too exhausted to go beyond that 🙂
Have a great Friday everyone!



Hacking Chamomile

On my last post about sweet  Chamomile, I mentioned my struggle with vertical card slots.
I am happy to say I found my way around it! Yay!

So that’s what I will go over on this post.

First, a little history on why I dislike vertical card slots.

See, I was very lucky to really love an impulse purchase I did back in the days.
Sometimes I still want to bang my head on the wall because “it was working, it was working! Why did I have to go out and  *experiment*? Darn, darn, darn”

Anyway, as I am already out and about trying new styles I know will keep experimenting, but I believe one of these days Mr. Fins will have to pop out of the shelf again.

So one of the “BESTEST”features of Mr. Fins was this:

He would sit pretty – not laying down – inside my purse and I would have access to my debit card WITHOUT taking him out of the bag. The card would slide in and out just like that (snap fingers here).

From an outsider point-of-view it would seem like I was carelessly tossing the card inside my purse rather then placing it securely into the card slot.

After I left Mr. Fins I could never get that practicality again.
Not even with a mini. The organizer is so small that the it doesn’t “sit” inside my purse. It doesn’t even lay. It does a lap inside my purse.

Well, there I am loving, caring and sighting at the pretty little hearts of Chamomile thinking “if it would only have horizontal card slots” .

**Then an a-ha moment!**

I had my idea, went after it and got this:

See that gray stripe? So, it’s my debit card.

Pretty close, huh? I got so excited with the end result that I did a little dance with Chamomile in hands. Haha.

So, how did I get the card to stick up like that?

A very sophisticated solution I must say.

Here it is:

Ta-daaaaaaa ***drum rolls***

Get it? Get it?
I added pocket size card holders!

pretty good, huh? *leaning back to proudly enjoy*

If you decide to do this at home, I must admit you need to have nerves! Nerves to be ruthless to the point of doing this:


That is because obviously, the ring gets in the way.

If this is too brutal for you – which I totally understand – you could also place the the entire card holder one whole down. That will prevent any cutting off but the debit card will not be easily accessible. You would still have to open the organizer to pull it out.

Going back to the first solution, you really can’t be too careless when sliding the card in and out. As it is secured by only three wholes instead of all six, it gets very wobbly:

If you read Chamomile’s review, we now have one more “con” to add to her list: resistance to hacking adapting.
The result is good but just kind-of-sorta.

But, you know….. it is Chamomile….. all her flaws are irrelevant considering her amazingly practical rings, right?

I already moved out of her! :-/
My darn, darn, darn “experimenting bug”, bit me again!

I am in serious planner fail!

I wasn’t kidding when I said that “A Solid Attempt!” with Filofax Swap 4 is on its way! 
Keep tuned dear readers, keep tuned!

* * * * * *

And THIS SATURDAY ——————————–> Mini Filofax MeetUp in NY! Yay! See you there! 🙂

Filofax Swap 3 – The "Chamomile" Attempt!

I am really not sure what took me so long!
The “cham-craze” has been around for a while and I just realized I hadn’t post ANYTHING about my most recent juicy purchases. 
Since I drank the Filofax Kool-Aid I have been a little unsettled about my set-up. 
I talked all about it on Filofax Swap! 
Then I did a follow up on called Filofax Swap 2 – The attempt! 
And the saga continues right here on that very blog post in front of you:
****Filofax Swap 3 – The “Camomile” Attempt!**** 
Juicy, huh?
Here it is the Raspberry “Chamomile” Chameleon on the very first weeks. I stayed true to her “compact” nature. I did not overstuff her. 
Oh, before I forget. I am calling her “Chamomile” as this was the result of DH’s attempt to recall the style of that particular Filofax.  He did pretty good I think.  He tossed “Domino”, then “Baroque” and finally “Chamomile”! I love it! 
So here it is Chamomile:
Gorgeous Color and Texture!

Ok, And I am waaaaay ahead of myself here. Let me back up.

My previous plan didn’t work out well because the A5 Filofax is not as portable (obviously, huh?).
Plus I wanted to separate work life from personal life.

The latter was easily fixable, right? Just get a different Filofax for personal stuff. Great! Cross that out as “problem solved”.

The first condition thou was harder.

I have three other personal sized Filofaxes and although very portable,  I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. The rings! Always on my way! I am totally fine writing on the right page, but on the left one, I can barely pass the middle of the page and my handwriting gets awful as the pen gets out of control because my hand is sitting on top of the rings. Yeah, silly, but I really  struggle to write on that left side. I knew that if I stuffed up with sheets, it would get more “leveled” and the rings wouldn’t be so prominent, but the WEIGHT! oh boy.

So off I went to browse some options.
Reading posts here and there l I found this jewel —-> Insight!

After drooling over her series about the Compact Chameleon I quickly went to check colors available on

And there it was! Pink! Red!

“That’s it!” I thought. I rushed over to Pens&Leather and the deal was closed! Not only one, but two! (I got the red one as well, HA!)

Yep, yep, if you have been following Filofax world you will know that very recently that was what I called the “cham-craze”. All Chams half-price on the UK website and shortly there after it reached US!

Oh, pain! I have to say that again: OH, PAIN!
If I only knew that a month later I could had gotten both of them for the price of one and maybe a pocket size as well! hehehe 🙂


Let’s get started with that review, shall we?

First a comparison of thickness with a Personal size:

Rolling to the inside, I will make a list of pros and cons of this gorgeous Compact Chameleon.

So, the very first con – you can clearly see, it doesn’t lie flat out of the box.
I believe with training it will. I don’t think it is it’s nature thou. Like a Domino that may come out of the box not totally flat but easily adaptable to it.

Then, comes the second big con – that insanely crazy pen loop!

Look at that!

It falls right on top of everything! It doesn’t “naturally” stay on the side of it – “out-of-the-way” per say.
That pen loop can’t possibly hold a pen without squeezing everything else.
Nope. If you just close the organizer without thinking, the pen sits on top of the tabs.
I used a Bic 4 colors for this pic but got the same result using a single color, skinnier regular Bic:

So to be able to close the organizer without fighting the pen, I just hang it like this:

It makes easier to move out of the way when needed but it is not very secure and moves around a lot.

Anyways, moving on.

Since I got my Baroque (that I love with all my sweet heart regardless) I knew that those vertical card slots wouldn’t work for me.

Note that my excitement with Snarlings’ video AND the fact that for a brief moment I owned a Chameleon Personal (ended up returning because it was defective) made me not even bother thinking about the card slots.

The personal Chameleon has horizontal card slots.
The A5 Chameleon has horizontal slots.

Why would a compact of the same style have them vertical?

(Because it is compact, duh!)

Yep, yep, as a  Compact “first-time buyer” it didn’t even cross my mind!
(or my eyes! Note that part one of Snarlings’ video there is a VERY clear shot of the vertical slots! Geeez.)

Now, can you follow all the excuses my brain is finding for new Filofax purchases? Or better saying the reasons to NOT buy any more Filofaxes that my brain keeps ignoring?

Although the vertical slots ARE a big deal for me (more about it here), I deliberately denied seeing those vertical slots.


Ok, ok, so far what do we have?

1- Doesn’t lie flat out of the box= CON
2- Nonsense penloop= CON
3-Vertical card slots= CON

Do I still have her? YES!

**Why on earth, you ask, did I stick with her and did not return her right away if I found so many cons?**

Because of this, my dear readers, THIS:

Those RINGS!!! 
They are just amazing to write on! Feels like a notebook; as they are not even there.

See how close to the rings I got to write on the left side? 🙂 Heaven!
One more shot of those gorgeous rings:
And because this Filofax is easier to handle I feel SO much more inspired to write on it and make it super-personal:
It is over this time, right?
I am in heaven, right? 
All the cons are totally irrelevant considering this sweet little pro…..right?
I found “the one”!
hhhhmmmmm, you know…. 
I have a  terrible habit of “butting” into people’s conversation on Twitter…..
The unspeakable happened.
————————–> Be prepared for Filofax Swap 4 – A Solid Attempt! ——————–>

BTW, Will you be around in NY on August 4th? Let’s chitchat Filofax!!! Details right here.

Filofax MeetUp: Chicago

How can it be so hard to get back on track after ONE WEEKEND out-of-town vacation inside the same country you leave? Geesh! Still so much to catch-up online and offline.

Online IS more fun so here we go: Chicago Meet-up! Yay!

I was planning on bringing all the Filofaxes I have, but then really, it is not that I was driving down there, right? I had to get into a plane, fit all the A5s in one single-carry-on, plus shoes, clothes, other filofaxes and leave room to bring back goodies?

No way!

So just a selected number of portable ones were supposed to come with me.

I was still at the hotel room, sorting out my babies, getting ready and then I realized.

I forgot my Amazona! Argh!

One of the lighter ones to carry (it’s a slimline) I left home. Bummer.

Oh, and when I got back home, while unpacking I realized my pink mini Finsbury was still safe-and-sound wrapped around some shirts. Never made it to the MeetUp! That’s what happen when you are too small, you just get lost inside a suitcase.

Anyways, there they were, the ones that actually made it:

Natural Snake Domino in the purple box, Compact Raspberry Chameleon in the black box, Compact Red Chameleon, Mini Spring Green Chameleon and my dearest Baroque.

And there we were, on our way, waiting for the subway:

Isn’t it pretty? I LOVE subways! Makes me feel back home 🙂

I got a little lost walking around the area even with my GPS/IPhone in hand but it wasn’t bad at all. Very pretty place!  The name of that neighborhood explained it all:

So, of course, as I was lost and wondering walking around I was the last one to get there at the Mancini’s restaurant.

As I walked towards the Filofax table and saw the “is it her?” smiley faces looking at me I suddenly realized that no one knew how I looked like!

or even worse, no one knew MY NAME! LOL

yes, that is very obvious to anyone that reads my blog, but I never thought of that!

When I started this blog I was concurrently (ui, a big word for me) looking for a job. I really didn’t want any HR personnel finding my first post where I put out there how messy my last year was – school & work – and that I had to find a way, as a new years’ resolution, to put myself together.

Well, anyway, I guess I did a VERY good job hiding behind LimeTreeFruits! 😀

So, introductions made, clarification of names and all there I was sitting around all the stars I follow and  their celebrities Filofaxes.

It really felt like a celebrity show for me!
I recognized all the faces and the organizers. Like watching a TV show or something and getting to meet all them in person afterwards. Very different experience. I had never met celebrities before!

Didn’t take long, even before we order, to have some understanding souls pulling out their organizers to fulfill my biggest craving ever: TO SEE A MALDEN!

I SAW IT AND TOUCH IT! Not just one actually, three at the same time!

They are really amazing. Feel very good to the touch and HOW FLEXIBLE! They can carry literally everything; Jordan’s is humongous! Really, it really fits it all!

I was pretty sure I took a pic of the three Malden’s thickness but I can’t find it. I guess I didn’t.

Well, moving on.

I just could not hold myself from bringing up questions and Filofaxes to the table. Here it is the first group shot with just  few of them:

How great they look? and the little goodie bag that Jill gave to all of us:

Very nice! I always get stickers with a purpose, like reminding me of appointments or things I need to do, never just for fun. I love it! I may get into a new habit now! 😉

My perfect combo even materialized that day! I didn’t expect that.

When I was hunting for an Almond Amazona, it was “to-go with” my baby spring green. I couldn’t find a personal size, got the slimeline and ended up not using them together at all.

But here it is the dream combo I had in mind:

Juicy, huh?
A side note to the yummy food we had. Look at the deserts! To die for:
The memorable moment we all look forward to see on those MeetUps – the Filofax pile!
They worked hard on it! Ain’t that easy to balance so many.

Ta-da! How gorgeous.

I loved seen the bronze Domino in person. I even checked right there at the restaurant if still had it on sale.

Yep, still there.
Will see how long I will wait.

Another pic that I could swear I took was a side-by-side comparison with the Raspberry Chameleon Personal & Compact. Can’t find anywhere so obviously I didn’t take it.

But you can have a slight idea of the thickness size. Third from the bottom is Sandra’s Personal and third from top is my Compact. Can you see the difference?

Also note Jordan’s Malden which is as thick as the A5s at the bottom! A more “regular” sized one is Jill’s Malden, fifth from the bottom.

After that ginormous amount of pasta & sweets we needed to burn off the calories.
So we walked as far as we could – right next door to Paper Source:

Add caption

 There I was very surprised to find a HAIRY “Domino”! HA! Look at that!

Even the way the rubber band is attached to the side was similar!

I was holding off but the ladies did some real shopping there:

Shop ’till you drop

Next, we went to another store VERY FAR AWAY – right across the street.

Aha! A Filofax counter full of organizers!
I have never seen that many. Really! I can’t imagine how dazzling a real Filofax store would be. I was impressed to see so many “celebrities”:

I always wanted to see a Raspberry Metropol in person and there it was.
But I didn’t like it much. I guess after handling so many leather ones, it felt very “plasticky”.

The orange Domino is beautiful thou! My first Filofax was a Personal Domino and I remember debating a lot if I should order orange or pink. Maybe one of these days I will find a lame excuse to get the orange. hehe

Than! Another unexpected thing happened there: I touched a Holborn!

oh, boy! Have you seen/ touched one?

It’s amazing! I played with it a lot – opened, closed, opened again, checked every slot, checked every pocket, tucked my whole hand fingers into one of them to see how deep it was, tucked two of my cards on the cc slots just to “feel it” and almost put the whole organizer inside my purse “to try it out”. I realized the shop owner could confuse my last move as an attempt to sneak out of the store with an unpaid item so I didn’t.

But it really got to me!
I couldn’t help but notice that there is a wine compact one coming up at Pens&Leather! 

*breathe, breathe*

I came back home to investigate the Compact Holborn further and found out the card slots are different then the personal size. I guess all compacts have them vertically.

My recent love for compacts should be a subject for another post. I won’t extended this post any longer, I promise! 🙂

And didn’t I behave on my Filofax purchases? My only item – a FlyLeaf! hehe
I have never seen one – in person – with the “f” tab on the side.

(I just noticed how many “I have never seen this before” came up on this post. I really don’t live inside a cave with internet connection as it may seem like)

To summarize: I had a GREAT TIME on my first Filofax MeetUp! I am so happy to have found such a great, warm and welcoming community!

I can’t wait for the next one! Really.

I already posted it on Philofaxy but just to make sure you don’t miss it, I will re-post it:

***If anyone is up to a tiny-meetup in August 4th or 5th in NY, please give me a shout!***
A coffee in the afternoon to talk Filofax will work just fine, nothing super-big.

To finalize, cheers to amazing Filofax MeetUps!

Thanks again for reading and hope to see you in New York! ;D

My B-day (French letters, Goddess Circle and Filofax)

Happy birthday to ME! Yay!

Very wonderful b-day celebration. Celebration for the last entire year. Reaaaaallly!!!!
Very very happy this days – I already said that a gazillion times in other posts, I know – but truly I am!

Tonight, my favorite restaurant, DH and me, myself and I taking care of me, myself and I.

This past year has been a very introspective, clarifying and revealing year. I learned so much and am finally acting on “taking care” of myself.

I was going to give me as a b-day gift a membership to Leonie’s Goddess Circle.

The excitement of the decision OF COURSE didn’t hold me from purchasing it waaaay back in May (my b-day is really today June 14th).

“Ok, ok”, I thought to myself, “it’s ok, I can certainly enjoy it a little earlier, nothing wrong with it, I can even get ready for one of the courses before June”.


I found so many wonderful women to connect, so many “super-hero” stories hidden around and feel so much more inspired to take care of myself!

All the courses printed out, I needed, I really NEEDED somewhere to store it, flip thru pages and take notes.

Hhhmmmmmm……..Let’s think together… A place to store all the pages? A place to have all the lessons and take notes………..what…..could………be…..?



And it is a GORGEOUS one! My iPhone is not making justice to that beauty’s color.

A while back I tried to use my 2012 Year Planner  on my Baroque but it didn’t worked out well, because it was too small.

Look how perfect now on a Domino A5 size:

And look how much stuff I printed out already (and there are more courses to print still!):

One more pic just because I really love Leonie’s stuff and the shinny rings on my Filofax 😀

I also gave myself another gift, that it was very unexpected.

At the Circle I met a bunch of creative ladies and their work.
One of them, I already mentioned in one of my posts. She is a Canadian artist that sends letters out to the world.

Actually, painted letters. How cool is that?

And I receive mine TODAY! on My B-day!

ooooohhhhh joy! I was so thrilled to see it sitting there on the mail box! There  was just something to it. Receiving an actual letter!
I just loved it!

Look how cute and cozy:

It came with a tiny envelope with a magnet inside and a page from Hemingway where he talks about Paris – where the letter came from.

Oh, gosh! really so happy!

To top it all off DH gave me the best gift ever!……I was about to take a pic of it at the restaurant (Instagram! HA!) but he didn’t let me. So I am just manifesting here that I am very happy with it.

I am really thankful for this past personal year.
And I am SO looking forward to this shinny and glittery brand new one!

Many blessings, love & joy

Filofax SALE (almost!)

So, finally courage came and the time is here. 
Filofax clan is getting way too big and a few of them lost their purpose in life in my hands. 
They need other homes that will make them feel alive again with a sense of meaning. 
It was a very hard decision as I like to stare-touch my Filofaxes just “because”. 
A few months ago I couldn’t even bare the thought of passing any along. 
I would always have the excuse “but I may need it at some point!”. 
Well, after five months sitting in a shelf, I realized it is just not fair to the organizer.
Here we go, two Filofax for sale! 
Ahem, next week. Next week they will be for sale.
For now just a preview and a little fun (easy) game:
Can you tell their style?
I will post their complete “profile” next week but meanwhile I wanted to see what would everyone come up with! 
Most of you will have no problem identifying, I know that!

Sooo, What are they? 😀


Super-extremely excited to finally start working on my stickers.
I hadn’t find yet stickers for the events/ activities I want so I decide to make them myself.

Here it is, the very first one I started working on last saturday. It was a beautiful wet morning actually.

(I love rainy sunny days!)

Pretty soon I will have a few ready and will be able to test-drive. Which will be as fun as making them! 😀

Filofax Swap 2 – The attempt!

Phew! How did a whole week went by like that? Time flies! And things really change. Really fast actually.
So, here we go with one more update.
When I started writing this post I had a plan and a specific Filofax in mind. I even envisioned how this post would look like! 😀 Huge mistake! I had no idea!
Let’s put it out there: Personal Chameleon in Red. 

THAT was the plan! 
Then Anita Lin came into play with her juicy video of the Personal Snake
ohh sweeeet pain!
Have you seen the video? Did you hit play? Ok, here you go one more time in case you missed the first link —–> SNAKE!
Isn’t that gorgeous? 
And it is here with me!!!  *giggles* 🙂
So, let me rewind a bit to state the obvious. I quickly changed my plans and decided that if I was going to get a bigger size other than a pocket Filofax that SO unique Personal size had to be it!
One thing happened while it flew from UK to USA thou. 
My so-called work Filofax arrived. A gorgeous A5 Acqua Chameleon. 
in action: at work!
Then, while nibbling around, playing with it and smiling (a lot) at it at work, I realized that most of my personal note-taking happens… AT WORK.  Hmmmmm, so yeah, you guessed right. I started using it for both, personal things and work related stuff. 
Look how nice and neat:
I have two sets of tabs. The top one personal and the bottom one work.
Once again, a very straight forward set-up.

  • Notes – self-explanatory. Anything random that I can’t forget goes there. Later on I sort out those notes and put them on the right category.
  • Health – doc app, food log, exercise log, WW points track, etc.
  • “Funzies” – that means hobbies, thoughts, ideas,  and the like. Even more random than “notes” but as the made-up name implies, notes that are fun, thoughts that make me happy, and broken down tasks on how to accomplish my nourishing goals.
  • Classes – class notes, schedule, timeline, degree plan, etc.
  • Shopping – all the lists separated by stores that I go more frequently.
  • House – barely a cleaning schedule (argh! who likes cleaning?), a timeline for home repairs and projects and broken down steps and tasks for moving out.
The other tabs are work related so we will skip that. 

I used that Filofax for personal planning for a long time but I quickly realized that although I LOVE how much room I have to write, my weekends couldn’t handle it. It was way too heavy to carry around. Just to have coffee with friends it was way too much weight for me on a Saturday. 
And the breaking point: I really need to have visual fun with my Filofaxes. Well, the one for personal stuff at least. 
Of course all the organizing possibilities of a Filofax are crucial and the main point of it but I need fun colors, fun stickers and fun tabs. Because it was a work organizer I was restraining myself from all that.
I didn’t want to open that gorgeous and classy Acqua Chameleon during a meeting and have all the fun stickers, tabs and Bic-color-“fashion”-coding popping out. Specially in an environment that NO ONE uses a paper planner. I am the only one. 
So, yeah, tuning down the “fun” and focusing on “functionality” really helps me at work, but oh gosh! on my weekends? I really want to feel happy when I open my Filofax, I don’t need to feel so professional.
Soooo there is a sequel!!!!  Filofax Swap 3 has been slowly tested and developed! 
Would it be the absurdly sexy Snake? Would it be the very first idea of a red chameleon?  
Hang on tight! Updates are coming! 🙂
And to end it with a loving family pic, here they are all cuddly:
And the most alert guardian of all, fearlessly protecting my treasure with his life:

————————–> Keep tuned to Filofax Swap 3 – The Content Attempt! ——————–>

Baroquesque Updates!

Summer Break! Finally! Besides some beautiful sunny days out now it is time to get back on track on my blog!
I left a few updates hanging in there. First, without any specific order – just because – let’s go back to the lovely curvy Teal Baroque Personal Filofax:

Can you recognize it? 🙂 Sometimes I try to recognize Filofaxes before reading the reviews/ posts.  Geeking out a bit here.

So it was meant to be my “Happiness Project” binder based on Gretchen Rubin’s book. I ended up not finishing her book. Too many showed up at the same time and I got distracted. heehee

It then became a “me” binder, which I looooove. I took a gazillion of pics of that beauty (as I usually do) but I will try to overload less this time!

Below is the very first tab. It makes me smile every time I see that beautiful “watercolor-like” flower and the sentence on it. That is the main section of the whole binder. I don’t have any calendar on that Filofax but this is the juicy part of it that I always go back to – the journaling pages! They are all pink although maybe I should had gone with the fashion green one:

Well, anyway, already got a bunch of pink sheets.

My plan is to decorate each tab, but I hadn’t find any quotes that I like to fill in all of them. So just the first two ones are personalized so far.
Moving on, next tab is called “notes”(I forgot to take a pic – there is a pretty flower as well) and is very related to the journaling part; highlights of the “big findings about life/ me”. Also in pink pages.

All the other Filofax tabs are not really in use. One of them will be for sure a fold out “vision board” that I am hoping to get around over the summer.

The next fun part are the top tabs.

You may guess that I pulled out the inspiration from GalaDarling’s Filofax post 🙂 There goes from left to right:

  • Note-to-self: like “don’t use turtle neck shirts ever; it makes you feel suffocated and puts you in a bad mood.”
  • Ideas & random thoughts: pretty straight-forward, huh?
  • Movies: yeah, that circle thingy is my attempt to draw those old fashion movie tapes 
  • Music: Another straight forward one. I write down my faves or some suggestions to not miss. BTW, have you heard Coralie Clement’s La Mer Opale? It is sooooo cute! First time I heard it I was in a stationary vintage shop digging in some old (from ’96!) Filofax inserts. I had to ask who was the singer and write down on my Filofax for future reference! ;D
  • Books: loooong list to go over
  • Quotes: as they are everywhere when you least expect!
  • Websites: mostly blogs to go back to and dig some more. I honestly don’t use that tab much as I usually just email myself the link. (I don’t bookmark stuff either. I always forget where they are.)
Now, the very extremely fun part!

Before I discovered Filofaxes I had three separate boxes with cut-out magazine inspirations:

  • Outfits 
  • House deco
  • Gardening tips 

Sooooo as you may imagine, I now have all them combined on my lovely ‘Me-Baroque’ binder. There are the tabs:

Here it goes and it is very straight forward:

My “tan-shoe” quest
Some “to-die-for” deco that I will implement at some point. The socks are easy! ;D
Not good at gardening. I need all the tips I can find. Really. 
Last section is mostly left overs from other Personal set-ups that I just didn’t have the courage to toss out.

Those pages were my “very first” Filofax planning when I got the pink Domino so I kind of feel attached to them. There are a few tabs I made myself, with some planning even for the planners! I wrote  half a sheet for each organizer I was planning on getting so I knew (at least I thought I knew) how to set them up. Most of the ideas I tried back-and-forth. A few of them didn’t work and a few of them are still in use. The blog section moved to another personal.

At the very back I added an old Franklin Covey plastic envelop for things I don’t know where to put; like those coffee shop reward cards that I may or may not use again.

My last pic – I promise – is just “because”. That curly part of is so beautiful!

Overall I must say I LOVE this ‘Me-Baroque’ binder. It is very soft, absurdly flexible and gorgeous on the inside.

The draw back – for those of you determined to get one – is that all it’s beauty, makes it feel sooo delicate to use.
I took it out of the house ONCE and almost didn’t survive! (Hence I almost didn’t survive, the Filofax was totally fine and having fun actually!) I was so nervous that it would scratch, mark, or anything that at the end it went right back on my desk at home and *** it has been living happily there since then. **** 

Filofax effects

Wow, I have so much to catch-up on my Filofax reading! So many new posts with wonderful new pictures and ideas. Very good treat for a Tuesday evening.

This past few weeks have been crazy busy!
I am looking forward to some more crazy busy days over the summer but this time filled with fun stuff; which obviously includes more Filofax time!

Lately I can’t stop thinking how my urge to organize for school last year made me dig into something that have been helping me so much! My Filofaxes have been helping me more than I ever expected.
Sure thing, sometimes they drive me nuts trying to get attention all at the same time and that’s when I enter crisis mode because I don’t know which one to use! 😀

But seriously, been able to plan, and specially been able to TRACK past activities have been surprisingly rewarding.  It is an amazing gift to get to know my routine better and see how awareness helps me change old habits.  I am very happy and content these days 🙂  Very happy to be able to put my thoughts together. Very happy to almost “see” things unfolding.

It all may sound very obvious and almost a given to anyone used to it, but for me it has been a whole-new-big-revelation! AND I realized it has been forever since last time I hiked and had some fresh air on me!

So my past Sunday appointment was just this: “hike”.
And there it was a whole wonderful day of hiking with an amazing meditation break in between walks just waiting for me….. Afterwards of course, journaling about it on my Baroque.
Oh, seriously, my Filofaxes are a gift!

Peaceful “me” Sunday

PS – In case you are wondering, “Filofax Swap 2 – The Attempt!” is in progress, not forgotten! 😉