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Masking Fluid Anyone?

I just found this post lost in between some other ones and it is ready to go!!!! It has been on “draft” status since FOREVER and I don’t know why. I had nothing to edit, not even the pictures. I guess when I wrote it – almost a month ago! – I forgot to hit “publish”!  Hunpf!

Anyway, here is it, un-edited! 🙂


Have you played with masking fluid today?

I have! And It is so much fun!

Part of the fun actually, was experimenting and playing around with it because it has been YEARS since last time I use it.
I wasn’t sure how the end result would be.

Now, in case you don’t know it, masking fluid is very gluey and can ruin your brushes.
So to not risk losing my good ones I used cheapy brushes to apply the masking fluid.

I mean, CHEAP, people, VERY CHEAP:

no pain in loosing them

And there I was ready to start:

I was so excited throughout the process that I totally forgot to take pics while I applied the product.
But, if you have never used masking fluid, apply it the same way you would do with actual paint.
When I finally remember to take a pic, I was a bit far in the process. The masking fluid had already dried out and I was painting the background:
Then here, the grid is ready; just waiting for it to dry:
I thought I was prepared and that I would need that:
But actually the real fun-and-not-so-messy part was just peeling it out with my hands:
Very gluey:

Aaaaannnd the final result:

Very sharp! I love it!
And that’s it for today. My adventures with masking fluid. 
Much easier, less messy and more fun than I remember! 🙂
Hope this was useful to anyone venturing into watercolor.  
Have a great weekend peeps!