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Body&Mind Health PLUS Healing! Can’t get any better than that! :)

This post I meant to had published last Friday.

Bummer, I am late! :-/

I wanted to let any of you out there planning on doing some of Leonie’s courses that this Saturday September 1st  the Radiant Course is starting.

Why do I feel I am late and had to post this reminder on Friday?

Well, the thing is I signed up for this course a few months ago in the last minute.

The Radiant Course was the reason I joined the circle. I was going to join it just for my birthday but the course made me to excited and I sign up earlier.

I actually signed up the NIGHT BEFORE the course started.

HUGE mistake!

For a few simple reasons:

  1. I don’t like to cook and following recipes with ingredients I am not used to is a pain in the butt for me. 
  2. Working full-time and craving “ME-time” every single day doesn’t leave much willingness to experiment with the above mentioned disliked activity. 
  3. By signing up the night before, I did not have time to stock up the fridge with the right ingredients. I actually didn’t even know what the ingredients were! I started reading the workbook the day OF the course.
  4. Because I sign up on the last minute, I was totally LOST in the Circle and had no idea what to expect.
  5. Sure thing there are Circle Guides in there and many tutorials to help you out, but it takes TIME to walk thru all those initial resources. I felt very overwhelmed and frustrated.
  6. Combining all those points together with the fact that I was NOT on a quest to overcome my perfectionism, guess what happened? Easy-breezy to guess, right? Yep, I dropped the course on the second day! :-/ 
Today I wouldn’t had dropped, a similar situation had happened but I kept going. 
I slowly settled in and kept reading the Radiant workbook. 
Even thou I dropped the course and didn’t follow the threaded discussions,  I was still trying on my own to change my eating habits and my mind set regarding my body. 
Months later my post about new eating habits was a result of that by the way! 🙂 
Soooooo sweeties, I really meant to post this reminder last Friday to give you TIME to settle in the Circle and/ or start digging into the Course materials.  
Now, if you love to cook, your full-time job fulfills you and you aren’t draining at the end of the day, and you are comfortable with forums and discussions online, of course, of course, you would have NO problem at all jumping into it in the last minute. Please be my guest and do so. You won’t regret, I promise! 🙂
On the other hand if you identify with any of my struggles above, probably all the overwhelmed will get you the same way it got me.
BUT I would still say DO IT! 
Because the day BEFORE the Radiant Course starts, on friday, August 31st, the Healing Workshop goes away forever! And that workshop AND the Radiant course AND everything else comes with your Circle membership. 

Simply put THIS post was a result of the Healing Workshop:

Click on the pic for the post

I watched the workshop only once (downloaded twice just to make sure, hehe) and it really impacted me. I am using just a few of the tools for right now and feeling the change everyday.

The Healing Workshop is up just till this Friday. If you decide to join the Circle on Monday you won’t get it.

Soooooo, that is it Sweethearts! That was my somewhat late-but-still-on-time reminder for ya! 🙂
If you decide to join the circle or take the Radiant course, please *wave* when you are there! 
I will (obviously) be following the course and it is  SO much more fun to follow and interact with the progress of a familiar face 🙂 
or at least a familiar blogger, hehehe, like Jotje on the Creative Course 🙂
Many smooches to you all!


Leonie and Filofax surprises!!!! hehehe


Me. lovesiz. Leonie. Dawson

Who doesn’t know that? HA!

And what happens today as I am catching up with my feeds?

She mentions my sweet-darling post about the Goddess Workbook!

Aaaaawwww go check it out!

Click up there or here, scroll straight to number 8! Right there! See? My Filofax, a bit of my laptop and my cell phone hanging there, haha

Oh, such an excitement!  I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

Leonie’s WorkBook and Violet Domino Juiciness

As I wrote about the NY MeetUp that reminded me that Jenna asked about the planner that Leonie offers.

I thought I could show it off here a little bit.

I first print out her workbook to go on my “Me” Filofax.

That didn’t work out well as it was too small and her drawings way to beautiful to be squished like that.

Baroque in action! Always 🙂

I use it anyway, trying to write in between the tiny blank spaces.

When I joined the circle, I decided to get a new Filofax just for her stuff (anything justifies a new one right?). So I got a Violet A5 Filofax Domino as a birthday gift to myself.

NOW looks amazing! Big pages and room to write!

 I re-wrote everything I had from the smaller size and added a few more.

One of the things that the workbook offers is a worksheet of to-dos for your current year. It has 100 slots but I barely filled in 70.

I wrote down even things that just had a very remote possibility of happening.
And look how EXCITING! Guess which one was one of them???

Hehehehehe and the THIRD MeetUp is about to happen this year! oh happiness! Hehhehhehehe

Side note —> a while back I read someone’s post that highlighting a done task of your to-do list will give you an energy boost as you can read everything you accomplished. And well, it’s  highlighted so it’s pretty clear of how far you have been so far. Totally agree with that! I want to pet myself on the back every time I read one of the highlights!


She has many beautiful drawings all around and what I like the most are the motivational reminders spread throughout the book. Like those ones:

It is very juicy all around:

The highlighted part of the picture below reads:

[…]the sweet joy of reuniting with yourself after a long, heart sick separation[…]

And inside the box:

That’s the blessing of life – to take you where you need to be. Everything is taking us home

SO beautiful!

And there it is the rest of the to-do list. A work in progress:

The following juicy page tells you how to get things done. How to break down in steps huge plans and projects. Note that she mentions a “To-do List” Notebook, to be used to write down those huge tasks’ steps.

HA! That was a cry to get a Slimline! hehehehe
I got an Amazona from Susanna but ended up not using it for that purpose thou.

More “breaking down” strategies:

And the Medicine Bag! For when you are not that excited, a quick fix to uplift your mood.

Now, the calendar.
I had not used it at all, because I don’t carry an A5 with me, it stays home. All date planning goes on my Personal sized ones. And shrinking down the pages to Personal would make it too small to write.

But it can be useful if an A5 is your main planner.

On the left side there are her motivational writings and a box of goal and another one for to-dos for the month:

The right side has the calendar:

So that’s it! I though I would give a quick overview of Leonie’s workbook!
Thanks for reading again, and I think I am done for today! 
Three posts in one day was a LOT for me! 😀
See ya!

Releasing Creativity

I have been actively trying to reconnect with myself.

This year has been so revealing to me.
This dear and juicy blog is slowly representing this change and transformation. I knew I had something going on when I wrote on my intro “Filofax helping me get organized”.

It was just the start!

Hours of journaling and drooling over some long lost passions, like stickers and pens, have been helping me so much to find my center, my balance.

I am very fortunate that it evolved into going back to watercolor. Even while researching and deciding on my first Filofax I found an entry on my Franklin Covey saying “try watercolor again”.

If you have been following my posts (yay!) you may had noticed here and there a few posts about how excited I am getting with this “new” art world ahead of me.

New yet so familiar in so many ways.

Many rules and old patterns need to be cleared out thou.
I am working so hard on letting go of those creativity blocker thingys.

Like “hold the brush that way not that way” or “this is not how to use this technique” and so on.

It is amazing how those magic-killer rules makes us retract and forget about the fun process of making art.

**The process**

How do we dare not make it enjoyable?

In one of the first moments getting back into illustrating I had that little blockage of mine.

I was enjoying, really ENJOYING my illustration.
Even humming a song. (I am usually very happy when I start humming!)

Than suddenly I stopped and horrified looked at the illustration and thought:

“oh my goodness, I’m not supposed to turn the page side ways to do this!”

Excuse me? I am not SUPPOSED to?

And quickly my inner critic decided to be “nice” and give me a “word of advice”:

“well, no one will know you turned the page, just turn it”

EXCUSE ME? no one will KNOW?

Then FINALLY, the nurturing and self-loving side of my mind stepped up and spoke out loud (in a sweet way):

“Are you kidding me?????  Turn it, flip it, fold it, twist it, dice it, dip it into paint and tell the entire world that you turned it, fliped it, folded it, twisted it, diced it, dipped into paint but for crying out loud KEEP THE FUN ROLLING!!!!! Don’t stop NOW!!!”

So yeah, it has been a journey of self discovery to go back to painting.

Discovering huge influences, norms and inner critics that need to change.

I have found so many beautiful bloggers out there doing so many beautiful work. It is so invigorating and reassuring.
Some of them had even similar situations, worked around them and are out there spreading the word. Beautiful!

So here I am about to start my first – of many to come – creativity releasing course:

It will be Leonie’s of course!! Because you know I love her! hehehe

Oh, you didn’t know I love her? Take a look at the buttons – scrolling down – on the side bar ———->
Hers is right there together with Philofaxy. I gotta really love her, right? 😉

So there is the course:

Super excited! Already printed out the first week’s booklet.
Soon the pages will go into my Filofax, hehe

The course starts in two days, on August 1, and here is the course’s blurb copied and pasted from her website:

*****The Creative Goddess e-Course is a powerful, spirited way for you to experience creativity in a whole new way. The e-course is six weeks to discover the Creative Goddess in you.
* Every week you will be assigned Creative Goddess projects to do for the week in a range of creative mediums ~ you will be exploring new ways of creating and connecting with the gorgeous soul, wisdom & beauty inside you.
Six hand-drawn, illustrated and painted ebooks and three sets of worksheets guiding you on creating art as a sacred practice, how to find healing on your journey, walking through your stucknesses, how to create sacred space and discovering the Goddess in you.
Six videos each week from me and Charlie the Happy Healer Dog guiding you on the next part of your Creative Goddess journey.
Six guided 30 minute MP3 goddess meditations by me to work with for each part of the course. These are incredibly powerful resources, and are worth the price of the course alone.*****

I joined the circle a while back and can’t say enough how supportive, helpfull and enlighting it has been connecting with all those women.

I trust the course will be what the blurbs say – yes, I am believer! 😀

Aaaaand I trust even more, better saying, I KNOW that I love people, I love communicating and that the course will be SO much more fun from start till the end with peeps that I know.

Care to join me?

Love, love, love

PS- I spotted a Filofax fan the first day I joined the circle! You know who you are missy! Come on, let’s do it! 🙂

My B-day (French letters, Goddess Circle and Filofax)

Happy birthday to ME! Yay!

Very wonderful b-day celebration. Celebration for the last entire year. Reaaaaallly!!!!
Very very happy this days – I already said that a gazillion times in other posts, I know – but truly I am!

Tonight, my favorite restaurant, DH and me, myself and I taking care of me, myself and I.

This past year has been a very introspective, clarifying and revealing year. I learned so much and am finally acting on “taking care” of myself.

I was going to give me as a b-day gift a membership to Leonie’s Goddess Circle.

The excitement of the decision OF COURSE didn’t hold me from purchasing it waaaay back in May (my b-day is really today June 14th).

“Ok, ok”, I thought to myself, “it’s ok, I can certainly enjoy it a little earlier, nothing wrong with it, I can even get ready for one of the courses before June”.


I found so many wonderful women to connect, so many “super-hero” stories hidden around and feel so much more inspired to take care of myself!

All the courses printed out, I needed, I really NEEDED somewhere to store it, flip thru pages and take notes.

Hhhmmmmmm……..Let’s think together… A place to store all the pages? A place to have all the lessons and take notes………..what…..could………be…..?



And it is a GORGEOUS one! My iPhone is not making justice to that beauty’s color.

A while back I tried to use my 2012 Year Planner  on my Baroque but it didn’t worked out well, because it was too small.

Look how perfect now on a Domino A5 size:

And look how much stuff I printed out already (and there are more courses to print still!):

One more pic just because I really love Leonie’s stuff and the shinny rings on my Filofax 😀

I also gave myself another gift, that it was very unexpected.

At the Circle I met a bunch of creative ladies and their work.
One of them, I already mentioned in one of my posts. She is a Canadian artist that sends letters out to the world.

Actually, painted letters. How cool is that?

And I receive mine TODAY! on My B-day!

ooooohhhhh joy! I was so thrilled to see it sitting there on the mail box! There  was just something to it. Receiving an actual letter!
I just loved it!

Look how cute and cozy:

It came with a tiny envelope with a magnet inside and a page from Hemingway where he talks about Paris – where the letter came from.

Oh, gosh! really so happy!

To top it all off DH gave me the best gift ever!……I was about to take a pic of it at the restaurant (Instagram! HA!) but he didn’t let me. So I am just manifesting here that I am very happy with it.

I am really thankful for this past personal year.
And I am SO looking forward to this shinny and glittery brand new one!

Many blessings, love & joy