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New Eating Habits

Hello there!

Today something totally new and different here on my blog.
Something totally new and different for me actually!

I have been thinking about and experimenting with it for a few months now and I am going to give it a go:

**Gluten-free food!**

I did one week of GF food and felt the difference right away.

My stomach wouldn’t hurt right after eating, I wouldn’t feel bloated by just having a soup and my energy level rose up!

Great right?

Yes, but I thought it was a little silly of me to go GF if I didn’t have an actual allergy to it. So off for some blood testing I went.

The result? Negative! None allergic reaction to gluten whatsoever.

Mmmmmm? How come I felt better the whole week I ate GF?

Maybe because GF food is not that easy to find so I ate less junk and more salads and protein.
Probably that.

But regardless of HOW a GF diet managed to make me feel better, I will keep on going.

So, this past saturday…

oh wait, did I tell you that hubby has been an amazing support of this whole process? He tried a GF diet for a few days, felt better and with more energy as well and guess what? Off he went to research GF beer!

Hehe, THAT’S my man! Love him dearly for that! 🙂

So continuing, this past Saturday we went to our favorite local restaurant / bar  –  BJ’s.
That was a whole new world ahead of me and I had no idea!

We first asked for the GF menu.
Great, the waitress brought it right away!

It took us a little longer then usual to select food & drinks as we were trying to figure out the possibilities of the menu.

Anyway, we ordered and shortly there after the CHEF pops out of the kitchen and comes to our table.

He just came to assure us that the order was taken and that would be no cross-contamination on our food. He explained how sympathetic he was with GF dieters as his mom was gluten intolerant and he knew the challenges of eating out because of that.


Well, I got very smiley and surprised with that VIP treatment!

A little after he left, came the manager with the same purpose; assure the GF food was really GF, cross-contamination wouldn’t happen and offer any assistance if the food wasn’t as we wanted.


I am REALLY not used with that VIP treatment; specially from a chain restaurant!

Anyway, we had a very good dinner with drinks and all!
As I love taking pics and sharing them, this time couldn’t be different! 🙂

Our first outing as a GF couple:

GF Beer and tequila

 Pizza was REALLY good! Very surprised and left me wanting more! LOL

I had ordered the regular version of this cookie a gazillion times at this restaurant and it NEVER took so long! Actually it didn’t even took long, it took FOREVER for them to bring it!!
I wonder if they had to bake right there as no one ever orders the GF version.
Fine with me becasue it was AMAZING!

Very good first experiences with our new eating habits. Will see how everything unfolds!

As always, thanks for reading! 🙂