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Bookmarks #3 Still alive!

I just found myself totally overwhelmed with the changes I want to make in my life.

I, of course, rolled up the sleeves and started my research for inspiration to make things happen. SO many juicy websites and blogs out there! But SO overwhelming!

It drives me nuts how much wonderful links people are exchanging on Twitter during the day and there I am at work not been able to check them out.

I ususally favorite them all to go back later but then totally forget about it.
So one of my MANY day-dreaming thoughts of today’s work-day was “how to keep track of all of those juicy resources?”


I totally forgot my plan of posting about those readings exactly for that same reason: TO NOT LOOSE SIGHT OF THEM.
I totally forgot about that genius idea I read somewhere a while back! hehe
I posted about that twice before. If you are interested you can read them here and here.

I was craving to get home and start working on my list.
So here we go bookmarks for the week:

  • Women Gets Social!  Seems like everyone knew about that website but me! LOL  Very very juicy!
  • This one is an amazing website where you find resources to make business from the heart. Yes, from the heart! How great is that? This week, many different people were twitting about two catchy titles that are so related to where I am right now:  How to escape from glass-empty negative clients and CONTROL Vs DO IT YOURSELF! oh yeah! 
  • I got very inspired by this post. I will be brave one of these days and place her button on my blog 🙂
  • I just NEED to read her book! See the video she made (at the bottom of the page) ! Soooo cute and so honest.
  • This intro says it all by explaining that the blog is about “fighting like hell for your dreams.” Bookmarked, bookmarked, bookmarked!
  • Another dreamerhug, pack and go” kind of style – that joke is for hubby 😉
  • Those peeps are very refined on their GF cooking style. As I am not a big fun of the kitchen I need to save them for later when I am braver.
  • Look at this gorgeousness! You print at home! I need to find a way to squeeze them into my Filofax! 
Ok, done for this week! All safely recorded! 🙂


(why on earth did the font shrink like that at end? )

Bookmarks #2

Yay! Friday! Time to gather the thoughts, discoveries and findings online.

One more little list of “notes-to-self” of blogs, websites and ideas that are juicy and I don’t want to loose. My very first “online bookmark” was not too long ago – last week! 🙂 And you can read it here in case you are curious.

So here we go, during my super-rushy week I found those interesting readings that I will enjoy more deeply over the weekend:

  • Flowers that you can eat! Gorgeous! Had never eaten one. How come?
  • Anyone out there that that feels pressured to narrow down interested and find THE passion of your life? According to some peeps in the same boat, search no more! ——>we can have it all! Actually this one I need to go check out in more detail. I just scanned and heard it will be helpful for people like me with way too many interests. That’s why I am bookmarking it here, right? 😉
  • ok, that one has long story that I will try to make as short as possible. I use to have a very bad back problem. REALLY bad. Physical Therapy saved me and I am in the process of healing. I still am very scared of certain chairs, and/ or feelings of discomfort that may bring all the pain back. The other thing is that I looooooove to be around nature. I love to just be outside surrounded by it. I used to meditate sitting in the grass but after many years my back couldn’t handle it anymore. Then I said to DH the other week: “I SO wish we could put our mattress outside” (it’s a fancy Tempur-Pedic one) and during my weekly search online I found this beauty! Ooooooohhhh how delicious is that? I don’t even need the fanciness, really, just the couch in the garden to sit, get comfy, read and smell the air. Juicy! 
  • A raw vegan burger! Oh my. So many raw possibilities. I had no idea!
  • Resources for raw food aspirants and practitioners! Yay! Can’t go wrong with that!
  • Now, this one is genius! A Canadian artist in Paris, paints letters to anyone that wants to receive them! Really, amazingly beautiful! You need to check it out. I am just waiting to receive mine!
  • If you dig into her profile a little more, you will find a special and rewarding project. I really want to do it. While reading the post, a name came right to my mind. Just need to be very careful to plan how to make it happen without been noticed 😉
And that’s it for the week! Hope you enjoyed as I felt very inspired by these findings! 
Have a great weekend! 🙂

Bookmarks #1

As I am getting more involved with all the social-media-internet-fun out there, I have been finding wonderful blogs, websites and ideas spreading faster than I can digest.

One of them – the main inspiration of this post – is this idea.

To summarize (although the post is super-short!), the idea is to register a collection of “notes-to-self”on your blog. For your future reference and for the rest of the world.
I am tweaking it and recording all the good stuff I have been founding out there. I see as “what have I been working on today” or “what have inspired me this week” that I may want to come back later.

I tend to bookmark waaaay too many sites, specifically blog posts that had inspired me and I want to re-read later on.  I end up never doing it because I can never find them again. Sometimes I can’t even remember why I bookmark them – unless I click on each one of the links, of course!
I also email myself links that I like. It certainly makes it faster to find but the older “self-sent” links are a lost cause.

Soooo, that post really turned on the light bulb. I just thought, “this is BRILLIANT”!
Contrary to bookmarking, I can even write a short explanation of why the links are relevant to me and have all them combined in one place!

So here we go. Websites/posts that were relevant to me this week and I may want to visit later:

  • Starting with this simple and amazing idea. It soooo needs to be printed out and added to my Baroque “house” section!
  • This post I need to go back, print and adapt. Also for my “me-binder
  • Look at this amazingly beautiful artist that I found! Really liked her work. Need to go back to browse all of it.
  • That ties in perfectly with this video that I have been watching over and over again. 
  • Very good tips here about writing when putting together a blog post or website
  • Finally, here, I think I found some “I-will-hold-your-hands-thru-the-baby-steps” to help you understand how it can be incorporated into your life.

So many wonderful work and wonderful people out there.

I am so excited those days! Really, I already said that on my last post but I truly am!

Very happy 🙂