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Filofax Swap 2 – The attempt!

Phew! How did a whole week went by like that? Time flies! And things really change. Really fast actually.
So, here we go with one more update.
When I started writing this post I had a plan and a specific Filofax in mind. I even envisioned how this post would look like! 😀 Huge mistake! I had no idea!
Let’s put it out there: Personal Chameleon in Red. 

THAT was the plan! 
Then Anita Lin came into play with her juicy video of the Personal Snake
ohh sweeeet pain!
Have you seen the video? Did you hit play? Ok, here you go one more time in case you missed the first link —–> SNAKE!
Isn’t that gorgeous? 
And it is here with me!!!  *giggles* 🙂
So, let me rewind a bit to state the obvious. I quickly changed my plans and decided that if I was going to get a bigger size other than a pocket Filofax that SO unique Personal size had to be it!
One thing happened while it flew from UK to USA thou. 
My so-called work Filofax arrived. A gorgeous A5 Acqua Chameleon. 
in action: at work!
Then, while nibbling around, playing with it and smiling (a lot) at it at work, I realized that most of my personal note-taking happens… AT WORK.  Hmmmmm, so yeah, you guessed right. I started using it for both, personal things and work related stuff. 
Look how nice and neat:
I have two sets of tabs. The top one personal and the bottom one work.
Once again, a very straight forward set-up.

  • Notes – self-explanatory. Anything random that I can’t forget goes there. Later on I sort out those notes and put them on the right category.
  • Health – doc app, food log, exercise log, WW points track, etc.
  • “Funzies” – that means hobbies, thoughts, ideas,  and the like. Even more random than “notes” but as the made-up name implies, notes that are fun, thoughts that make me happy, and broken down tasks on how to accomplish my nourishing goals.
  • Classes – class notes, schedule, timeline, degree plan, etc.
  • Shopping – all the lists separated by stores that I go more frequently.
  • House – barely a cleaning schedule (argh! who likes cleaning?), a timeline for home repairs and projects and broken down steps and tasks for moving out.
The other tabs are work related so we will skip that. 

I used that Filofax for personal planning for a long time but I quickly realized that although I LOVE how much room I have to write, my weekends couldn’t handle it. It was way too heavy to carry around. Just to have coffee with friends it was way too much weight for me on a Saturday. 
And the breaking point: I really need to have visual fun with my Filofaxes. Well, the one for personal stuff at least. 
Of course all the organizing possibilities of a Filofax are crucial and the main point of it but I need fun colors, fun stickers and fun tabs. Because it was a work organizer I was restraining myself from all that.
I didn’t want to open that gorgeous and classy Acqua Chameleon during a meeting and have all the fun stickers, tabs and Bic-color-“fashion”-coding popping out. Specially in an environment that NO ONE uses a paper planner. I am the only one. 
So, yeah, tuning down the “fun” and focusing on “functionality” really helps me at work, but oh gosh! on my weekends? I really want to feel happy when I open my Filofax, I don’t need to feel so professional.
Soooo there is a sequel!!!!  Filofax Swap 3 has been slowly tested and developed! 
Would it be the absurdly sexy Snake? Would it be the very first idea of a red chameleon?  
Hang on tight! Updates are coming! 🙂
And to end it with a loving family pic, here they are all cuddly:
And the most alert guardian of all, fearlessly protecting my treasure with his life:

————————–> Keep tuned to Filofax Swap 3 – The Content Attempt! ——————–>