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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!


Chase your dreams!

Following my lately mind set of “chase after your dreams”, I did a face for the 29faces challenge with an even better version of that sweet sentence:


Here we go:

“WILDLY chase after your dreams!” haha
Let your pink hair flow and all 😀

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!



Trust and the black hair lady! :)

I have a face! Yeah!

That sounded funny, but I mean that after FOREVER days, I am finally able to paint again, and I have a face for the 29face challenge!


I am not sure how behind I am, maybe 3-4 faces? So don’t know which number this one is, but will try to catch up until the end of the month *next week – gulp!*

Besides the fact that I am celebrating a very much reduced back pain compared to last week’s (more about it here and here), there are two extra-fun things related to this face.

First, I was brave enough to make her with a black hair! yeah!
I tried before, was afraid to mess it up and change my mind in the last minute. This time I was fearless and did it! HA!

Second thing is that I got a new toy and was able to experiment it with my new face.

Any idea what the new toy is?

Take a look at the pic:

Can you tell? Can you tell? *blink, blink*

See ya tomorooooow!


Healing happens.

Hey there! 🙂

How is everything going?

So just to let you know: I am NOT making it a whole week without blogging! I refuse! hehe
I love it too much to abandon like that, even if my back is trying to be “funny” with me.

By “funny”, I mean, painful :-/
I have been struggling now for a few weeks with my back pains as they are all hunting me again. I had to stop most of my fun activities, including blogging.
Thankfully thou, the worse is gone. The worse is gone! The worse is GONE! Did I say that loud enough?
THE WORSE IS GONE!!! The worse is no longer needed. It was necessary to propel me to finally pay attention to myself and make a decision. A big one.

But I will talk about it – big decisions – later on, when I really sink it all in and put my feelings of those events and decisions into cohesive words.

As my come back post, I thought of posting a face for the 29faces challenge. Then I started pondering about a few other things.

You know, throughout my days and nights I had a gazillion of ideas and thoughts of things I want to say it out loud here on my blog.

When they occur I am usually away, very far away from my blog and the ideas just die out.

Like my love-letter to big cities starring Chicago and New York, my two most recent big cities trip.
Or about the progress of my new site/blog, or about reviews of notebooks I have been using, or musings about my cats’ life (really, they are interesting! I kid you not!).

Most of them fade.
Actually not the actual ideas fade, but my eagerness to write about them fade if I am not able to write it out right away.

So, one thing happen to me last Friday.
This last Friday I so wanted to scream it out loud everything I was feeling.
I really wanted to share, to put it out there, to post it.
For what? I don’t know.

The thing is that that one didn’t fade at all! It kept playing around in my mind, begging to come out.

So here we go as it needs to be.

Last Friday I had a surprisingly not-so-fun day at work. Non-stop straight 10hrs and my back was attacking me.
I managed to pull my entire desk up so I spent most of the 10hrs on the computer standing up.  No sitting down to enhance back pain.
Great! Guess what?
I had very flat sandals – to be nice to my back – and my feet, more precisely my heels decided they needed some attention too and started competing with my back. It was a tight match, both now big winners! Both sharply hurting.

Around 5:30 – two hrs to go still but I didn’t now – I was about to pass out in pain and managed to hold myself from having a melt down TWICE. I usually give in pretty easily to melt downs if need be – ask hubby – so it was a pretty humongous effort to fight thru it twice.

My body was begging for a break.

Not only a break thou, also nurture, care, love, the whole famous TLC.  I managed to finally turn off the computer, limping walk to the elevator and get out of the building. It was deep dark.

Going thru my usual path to the parking lot I bumped into a construction site right there in the middle of the same ol’ parking lot walk. I wanna scream.
To get to the car I would have to walk around the humongous construction site area, adding four extra blocks.

My feet. My back. Pain.

I just stood there, feeling all the charge of the day, the stress, the pain, the frustration.
Squeezing my eyes I tried to see thru the darkness which direction to go.

Then I realized it, I saw it!
I took a deeper look into the blocks ahead of me and I saw it!


*giggles, giggles, giggles*

In the midst of my stress-pain feelings I was finally able to find something! I was able to find real blessing and joy on that mess.

Four whole extra blocks of grass fresh, lush, soft SO welcoming and so healing!
Off with the flat sandals.

My feet was begging for attention, needing TLC and there it was. That cold fresh lush grass was all they needed. Instant relief. Instant healing. All that charge of negativity and stress moving away.

There I was in the middle of the darkness, in a parking lot, standing on that fresh, cold grass, barefoot and happy!
Happy because my feet was finally, oh so comfortable, so where it should be!

If I was wearing a skirt I would probably have been on my knees right there, LOL
Just to feel it all, with my hands, feet and knees. And all curled up in fetal position, you know? That makes your back very round and stretched which always helps relieving my back pains.

I walked SO slowly those extra four blocks. Not because of pain, just because I didn’t want the moment to go away.
A blessed healing walk.
A reminder of how important it is for me to disconnect, connect, slow down and get in all the nature that I can.
How I missed it!

My drive home was so much better then expected. I got home still feeling the heaviness of that day on my shoulders but in a very different way. I felt healed, cared, uplifted and willing to work things out.

Much more came from that experience – including big decisions! – but the juicy part I wanted to share for right now was that. The desire to share that experience never died out and I thought I shouldn’t ignore it. 🙂

I’m not sure why did this experience so wanted to come out but there it is. Maybe to remind someone out there to also pay attention to the needs of their body? Oh, doesn’t really mater 🙂
Needed to to be shared and it is shared!

Hope you all have a wonderful body-minded balanced rest of the week with as many grass-like experiences as possible!


Jokers joking

Because of my back pain *crisis* from yesterday, I had to skip the face challenge.

So today, I have TWO faces to make it up to you! *giggles*

Remember Frederick? So I decided he would be the joker of my card set.

And here he is:

Two Frederick faces for ya!

Still a WIP but I didn’t want to miss two days of the challenge so decided to post anyway 🙂

Lets get rolling because the weekend is almost here! Yeeesss!!!!

Smooches and all,


Things always get better by using your SuperPowers!

I love online peeps and how their ideas, thoughts, spirituality, feelings and all their juiciness are so available for us to dig in when and as much as we need.

So many wonderful people doing such amazing work out there.

You know, it ain’t easy to get out of CrabbyLand when you have physical pain.

I have been having it, in a quite strong way unfortunately, for four days now. Plus months of light daily pain and discomfort.

It is starting to get to me I must say.

Frustrated I went to bed. iPhone in hand I knew I would find relief and a bright light somewhete if I only searched for it.

Mmmmm, and there it was.

For AGES I have been meaning to go check Andrea Scher’s work. Then I remember reading on twitter that she just put up her new site.

Oh yeah! Off I went to check it out.

Amazing! Uplifting, inspiring and a relief  in the midst of foggy feelings and thoughts.
Her honest bio and…. THE SUPERPOWERS! Oh, peeps! Really go read it ♥ check her bio first, then this —> your power is?

My superpowers:

– Joy
– Believe
– Resilience

Joy, joy, joy above all. I am very talented on finding joy on the smallest or simplest things. And bringing joy to my surroundings too! I’m actually giving myself a few stars for that 

Other superhero powers to be unleashed as I go. As I let me be.

See ya all tomorrow! 🙂
Smooches and hugs,

PS: oh! And there is a giveaway happenig there too! Courses, books, a bag and a camera! Don’t miss it!

An unfinished face.

Pain, pain, pain go away!

Argh! Frustration. My back is killing me.

I tried to finish the joker for my cards, and I messed it up.

I don’t feel like working on my other projects.

The evenings go by too fast. Barely have time to catch up with hubby.

It has been a long time I don’t meditate and totally left the Creative Course hanging.

Forever time that I don’t write on my Gratitude Journal. Maybe I should go do that. It always lifts me up.

Anyway, not much energy left.

Very nicely, the 29faces challenge, reminds you to post what you can for the day. Even if unfinished.
So here we go, just so I don’t go totally faceless, I present you an unfinished face! 😀

Many smooches, hugs and good vibes to you all!
Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Tuesday and the Laughing Brunette

My back is killing me today but I am glad I was able to stay home and rest.
It is always good to focus on ourselves and things that we like. I even felt like baking today, even with my back pain, just because I was home on a Monday! hehe

So, the face for today is to keep the goodies flowing with laughter and happiness:

I really can’t wait to have some more time after a few projects are done to blog away as I was doing before! 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday,



Good Monday!

Soooo tired after a wonderful last minute mini-trip.

A lot of gorgeousness in front of me all weekend long.
Feeling recharged and very blessed.

And as I am still doing the the 29faces challenge – yay! –  here we go another face, wishing you all a good start of the week:

Happy Monday everyone, hope it is a good one!
And as always, thanks for reading and stopping by!

Out-of-town face!

Loving that challenge!

Second time out of town and keeping up with the faces have been fun!

I bring my set and work at the end of the day. After martinis, specially, the faces come out easier! 😀

As we are not home, I don’t have a scanner so my iPhone will have to do the job this time.

Here we go, as a follow up to previous posts, another joker.
Frederick‘s big bro! I think he looks hot! hehe

Wonderful sunday to everyone!