It is Monday and I am still on weekend mode

Ok, this post was supposed to have been put up yesterday. Even thou it is Monday evening, I am still counting it as a weekend wrap-up 🙂

I am just too excited accomplishing things and very glad they had happened. yeaaaah!

This weekend,

  1. I finished another painting, yay,yay,yay!
  2. I meditated. And A LOT! I am very dazzled with it, how did I manage to go so many years without it?
  3. I created AND SENT a very juicy welcoming love-letter to my new newsletter subscribers ♥ 
  4. I created two different sets of social media icons for my new blog. I was thinking of a new banner too but after my post from yesterday…. Mmmmmmm I fell in love all over again with it. I will leave it like that for now.
  5. I delivered  a guest posts! Yeeeeeessssss!!!!! I had so much fun writing it! I am so excited and thankful for having one of my posts out there to be read by more peeps! Thanks Philofaxy for that brilliant idea! Yay for that! 
  6. I hadn’t been to the gym in forever time but yesterday after a whole productive Sunday-fun I decided to go walk in the park! Yeah, not the gym, THE PARK! Which is a gazillion times better, more refreshing and much more beautiful! hehehehe.
  7. I filled in more pages of my Gratitude Book which I love every single second of it. It is so juicy! Gets more beautiful everyday!
Oh, and naps! It wouldn’t be a productive weekend without naps! Really!

On an unrelated note, this morning I had peaches on my desk welcoming me to a new week! have you tried one of those Rotary peaches? Well, I guess if you are not in Colorado probably you haven’t. I am not sure if it is just a local thing or not.
Anyway, I ordered them thru a co-worker like a month ago and they were there on my desk, waiting for me this morning. Huge, round, ripe and smelling sooooo good. It was a good Monday start 🙂

Now, here, take this flower as my “thank you” for reading my post and go have a great Tuesday!

Smooches to you all!

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  1. Those are some wonderful peaches, so juicy and soft!

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