How my banner came up that way :)

Last week I was featured on Reader Under the Spotlight.

One of the comments from that post made me think about how important and much more menainfull it is when we understand people’s stories and we get to see how things came up for them.

Then I thought:

“I explained on that interview how I came up with the name LimeTree.
Mmmmm interesting.
Then asnwering one of coments I pointed out my post on how I came up with LimeTree button.
What is missing?


How did I not talk about that yet?”

Here we go:

Back in the days, I took an art class in college.

One of the assignments was to come up with a set of cards.
Not the whole 54 cards, just the design of each suite.

Now, let’s look at them:

Each suite’s design:

And finally:

Tadaaaaaa do you recognize it? 🙂

So I scanned the card and on Photoshop deleted the number and mirrored the decorated corner.

Banner in a snap! hehe

I really love those cards.

College was just an overwhelming time for me (isn’t it always?) and when I found those cards I could not believe how pretty they are and kept thinking “did I really do that myself? Right in the middle of those crazy-messy years? Wow!”
And I hug myself with a pet on the back! 
Hope you enjoyed my banner’ story 🙂



4 responses

  1. Beautiful work darling!

  2. Thank you! I love it too 🙂

  3. Nice cards! The paint is so vibrant and the lines so CLEAR! You've got talent, girl. Let's see more.

  4. LOL you are too funny missy! 😀

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