Yesterday I was really into hanging around and reading the discussions at the circle.

I got all caught up with my assignments for the creative course and started working on the next week.

The assignment had a worksheet to fill out.
SO hard.

I struggled to answer all the questions and at some point I had an insight – yeeesss! – on why I was getting so stuck on things!

I wrote all down on the worksheet, run out of room and jumped into my journal.

I pour it all out and to summarize that was my huge-ground-breaking insight:

Notice that it was such a powerful insight that I cross out the “need” which sounded much like a “at some point” and decided to make it a NOW action.

I really felt stoked by my finding.

THAT is why I am stuck lately!  I keep questioning my gut feelings.
I feel something is right but doubt it and end up doing nothing!

ooooohhhh excitement, really that is light at the end of the tunnel! Making choices!


Sure thing the awarness is only the first step. Watching my mind-tricks to pull me into old patterns will be the challenge.

The day after my ground-breaking insight I was talking to a friend and during the conversation I realized how hard it is for me to settle within the “I don’t know or I am figuring out” area, you know?

I always had someone to tell me what to do if I didn’t know  (“that’s how we had always done that”) or what direction to go – (“this is the best route for sure! Why wouldn’t someone want that?”) or I would at least believe I already had the answer and I would just go for it.

Sitting on the “I don’t know, I am experimenting, I am figuring it out”, is very new.

I hadn’t practise my “trust-my-self” muscle in years and all of a sudden I can finally exercise them. They feel sore. Very sore.

Now I see, it is a good sore you know? Like after working out at the gym.

Very happy with my insight.

That insight paired with my quest on ignoring my perfectionism and I will find my ways to unstuck and move forward!

*** happy all around ***

Love, love, love


4 responses

  1. oh, great! Now besides messing my fonts now there are some frames around the pictures that weren't there before :-/
    What's going on with my blog? Offended that I am thinking of moving? Or just trying to make me move quicker? 😀

  2. Frames appear when you add captions to pictures….

    And may be take a look at my You Tube video on moving Word text to blogger in a few easy steps

  3. I find that putting in spiritual work leads to greater self-trust. A person cannot live on bread alone.

  4. @steve Thank you for the link Steve! I will try it out!

    @innvestigators yessss! So very true!!!!

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