Getting Slim – aham – Filofax Slim!

Today I got ANOTHER “I-love-your-blog” email”!!!! YAAAAY!!!!

This is too much fun people! Too much fun! Very happy! 🙂

As she likes my Filofax posts, I decide to at least show off the beauty I have been experimenting with these days:

You had probably seen it if you are on Twitter.

I am not doing a full set-up post because that is actually no set up yet.
Just tucked in all I could.
This weekend I am hoping to work on it a bit more.

And here it is a different shot!
I had to hide that gorgeousness inside the file cabinet today so I could focus on work 😀 Haha

And shinny!

That will be it for today, way too exhausted to go beyond that 🙂
Have a great Friday everyone!



7 responses

  1. This is beautiful! Please do show what's inside when you are ready 🙂

  2. Wow, that really is beautiful! Makes me want one… I'm hopeless


  3. Whilst I live mine to death…….I'll give you yours is an absolute beauty. Look forward to a peek inside!

  4. purty, purty!!!!!

  5. aaawww thank you ladies! You are all too nice! ♥
    I will do a more detailed post on it! 😉

  6. I REALLY LOVE the Amazona line. Just gorgeous. I don't think Filofax makes anything else quite so nice in the current line (with the possible exception of the Alligator one from FilofaxUSA). That almond color and slim design look really CLASSY. Very very nice!

  7. Thank you Josh! I agree with you so very much! Classy should be Amazona's last name ;D

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