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Body&Mind Health PLUS Healing! Can’t get any better than that! :)

This post I meant to had published last Friday.

Bummer, I am late! :-/

I wanted to let any of you out there planning on doing some of Leonie’s courses that this Saturday September 1st  the Radiant Course is starting.

Why do I feel I am late and had to post this reminder on Friday?

Well, the thing is I signed up for this course a few months ago in the last minute.

The Radiant Course was the reason I joined the circle. I was going to join it just for my birthday but the course made me to excited and I sign up earlier.

I actually signed up the NIGHT BEFORE the course started.

HUGE mistake!

For a few simple reasons:

  1. I don’t like to cook and following recipes with ingredients I am not used to is a pain in the butt for me. 
  2. Working full-time and craving “ME-time” every single day doesn’t leave much willingness to experiment with the above mentioned disliked activity. 
  3. By signing up the night before, I did not have time to stock up the fridge with the right ingredients. I actually didn’t even know what the ingredients were! I started reading the workbook the day OF the course.
  4. Because I sign up on the last minute, I was totally LOST in the Circle and had no idea what to expect.
  5. Sure thing there are Circle Guides in there and many tutorials to help you out, but it takes TIME to walk thru all those initial resources. I felt very overwhelmed and frustrated.
  6. Combining all those points together with the fact that I was NOT on a quest to overcome my perfectionism, guess what happened? Easy-breezy to guess, right? Yep, I dropped the course on the second day! :-/ 
Today I wouldn’t had dropped, a similar situation had happened but I kept going. 
I slowly settled in and kept reading the Radiant workbook. 
Even thou I dropped the course and didn’t follow the threaded discussions,  I was still trying on my own to change my eating habits and my mind set regarding my body. 
Months later my post about new eating habits was a result of that by the way! 🙂 
Soooooo sweeties, I really meant to post this reminder last Friday to give you TIME to settle in the Circle and/ or start digging into the Course materials.  
Now, if you love to cook, your full-time job fulfills you and you aren’t draining at the end of the day, and you are comfortable with forums and discussions online, of course, of course, you would have NO problem at all jumping into it in the last minute. Please be my guest and do so. You won’t regret, I promise! 🙂
On the other hand if you identify with any of my struggles above, probably all the overwhelmed will get you the same way it got me.
BUT I would still say DO IT! 
Because the day BEFORE the Radiant Course starts, on friday, August 31st, the Healing Workshop goes away forever! And that workshop AND the Radiant course AND everything else comes with your Circle membership. 

Simply put THIS post was a result of the Healing Workshop:

Click on the pic for the post

I watched the workshop only once (downloaded twice just to make sure, hehe) and it really impacted me. I am using just a few of the tools for right now and feeling the change everyday.

The Healing Workshop is up just till this Friday. If you decide to join the Circle on Monday you won’t get it.

Soooooo, that is it Sweethearts! That was my somewhat late-but-still-on-time reminder for ya! 🙂
If you decide to join the circle or take the Radiant course, please *wave* when you are there! 
I will (obviously) be following the course and it is  SO much more fun to follow and interact with the progress of a familiar face 🙂 
or at least a familiar blogger, hehehe, like Jotje on the Creative Course 🙂
Many smooches to you all!


Loving to be thankful!

I have been writing/ painting daily on my gratitude journal.  It is amazingly powerful!

It shifts your mind!

I AM looking at things differently and finding wonderful blessings all around me all the time.

This morning I meditated.
Very surprising for me as usually I do at the end of the day.
I think I hadn’t been sleeping well, it is too hot! I woke up feeling weird, crabby I guess.

So I decided to meditate in the morning to see if my day got better.
Right after that I was inspired and wrote A LOT on my journal and on my Gratitude Book.

Things really change. Actually I change.

I started getting ready for work and I looked at the window and choked, just choked with this:

it is there right now

Where have a I been? How have I never notice that gorgeous inspiring tree on my window?

oh, sure thing, it is not that I never saw it! Of course I saw it! I just never NOTICED it.

So beautiful! Sitting right there, shiny and smily all this time and I cared to notice it just today.

Beautiful, SO beautiful and right here, NOW.  Not on some vague day in the future 🙂
It is out there right now, having a good rest for another beautiful shiny day.

Then later today I went for my daily check in at the Goddess Circle.
I had an email! Yay!
An email from a beautiful circle member saying that today she saw a picture and thought about me.
She thought about me because she read my entry on the Creative Goddess forum about trusting myself.

* By the way, that same insight I put it out here on my blog too. If you are curious, here it is 🙂 ——> Insight!*

Sooooo, she send me a lovely email and posted the picture.  Look at that inspiring juiciness:

Aaaaawww and she thought of me when she saw that?!

Terriiiiii big thanks, waves and hugs to you from out heeeerreee!!!!! Please put your blog up soon! 🙂

Much much love,

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you had a good rest!

I hadn’t. Too hot and uncomfortable to sleep.

BUT, this morning I woke up with my very first guest post posted! hehehe

Go check it out! Right there ——> FennelBooks

Have a happy day! 🙂


It is Monday and I am still on weekend mode

Ok, this post was supposed to have been put up yesterday. Even thou it is Monday evening, I am still counting it as a weekend wrap-up 🙂

I am just too excited accomplishing things and very glad they had happened. yeaaaah!

This weekend,

  1. I finished another painting, yay,yay,yay!
  2. I meditated. And A LOT! I am very dazzled with it, how did I manage to go so many years without it?
  3. I created AND SENT a very juicy welcoming love-letter to my new newsletter subscribers ♥ 
  4. I created two different sets of social media icons for my new blog. I was thinking of a new banner too but after my post from yesterday…. Mmmmmmm I fell in love all over again with it. I will leave it like that for now.
  5. I delivered  a guest posts! Yeeeeeessssss!!!!! I had so much fun writing it! I am so excited and thankful for having one of my posts out there to be read by more peeps! Thanks Philofaxy for that brilliant idea! Yay for that! 
  6. I hadn’t been to the gym in forever time but yesterday after a whole productive Sunday-fun I decided to go walk in the park! Yeah, not the gym, THE PARK! Which is a gazillion times better, more refreshing and much more beautiful! hehehehe.
  7. I filled in more pages of my Gratitude Book which I love every single second of it. It is so juicy! Gets more beautiful everyday!
Oh, and naps! It wouldn’t be a productive weekend without naps! Really!

On an unrelated note, this morning I had peaches on my desk welcoming me to a new week! have you tried one of those Rotary peaches? Well, I guess if you are not in Colorado probably you haven’t. I am not sure if it is just a local thing or not.
Anyway, I ordered them thru a co-worker like a month ago and they were there on my desk, waiting for me this morning. Huge, round, ripe and smelling sooooo good. It was a good Monday start 🙂

Now, here, take this flower as my “thank you” for reading my post and go have a great Tuesday!

Smooches to you all!

How my banner came up that way :)

Last week I was featured on Reader Under the Spotlight.

One of the comments from that post made me think about how important and much more menainfull it is when we understand people’s stories and we get to see how things came up for them.

Then I thought:

“I explained on that interview how I came up with the name LimeTree.
Mmmmm interesting.
Then asnwering one of coments I pointed out my post on how I came up with LimeTree button.
What is missing?


How did I not talk about that yet?”

Here we go:

Back in the days, I took an art class in college.

One of the assignments was to come up with a set of cards.
Not the whole 54 cards, just the design of each suite.

Now, let’s look at them:

Each suite’s design:

And finally:

Tadaaaaaa do you recognize it? 🙂

So I scanned the card and on Photoshop deleted the number and mirrored the decorated corner.

Banner in a snap! hehe

I really love those cards.

College was just an overwhelming time for me (isn’t it always?) and when I found those cards I could not believe how pretty they are and kept thinking “did I really do that myself? Right in the middle of those crazy-messy years? Wow!”
And I hug myself with a pet on the back! 
Hope you enjoyed my banner’ story 🙂



Yesterday I was really into hanging around and reading the discussions at the circle.

I got all caught up with my assignments for the creative course and started working on the next week.

The assignment had a worksheet to fill out.
SO hard.

I struggled to answer all the questions and at some point I had an insight – yeeesss! – on why I was getting so stuck on things!

I wrote all down on the worksheet, run out of room and jumped into my journal.

I pour it all out and to summarize that was my huge-ground-breaking insight:

Notice that it was such a powerful insight that I cross out the “need” which sounded much like a “at some point” and decided to make it a NOW action.

I really felt stoked by my finding.

THAT is why I am stuck lately!  I keep questioning my gut feelings.
I feel something is right but doubt it and end up doing nothing!

ooooohhhh excitement, really that is light at the end of the tunnel! Making choices!


Sure thing the awarness is only the first step. Watching my mind-tricks to pull me into old patterns will be the challenge.

The day after my ground-breaking insight I was talking to a friend and during the conversation I realized how hard it is for me to settle within the “I don’t know or I am figuring out” area, you know?

I always had someone to tell me what to do if I didn’t know  (“that’s how we had always done that”) or what direction to go – (“this is the best route for sure! Why wouldn’t someone want that?”) or I would at least believe I already had the answer and I would just go for it.

Sitting on the “I don’t know, I am experimenting, I am figuring it out”, is very new.

I hadn’t practise my “trust-my-self” muscle in years and all of a sudden I can finally exercise them. They feel sore. Very sore.

Now I see, it is a good sore you know? Like after working out at the gym.

Very happy with my insight.

That insight paired with my quest on ignoring my perfectionism and I will find my ways to unstuck and move forward!

*** happy all around ***

Love, love, love

AllStars Guest Post: Fit-o-fax by Zoe

Yeeesss!!!!! Continuing with the Philofaxy AllStars Guest Post Tour, I have another guest starring on my blog! 
Zoe from The Zeitgeist of Zoe is here to show us her fit-o-fax juiciness! Let’s get in shape, peeps! 😀


Rememberwhen I was in that pink Filofax buying frenzy and I bought both the Personal and A5 Deep Pink Domino’s with the intent to use one of them as a fitness planner?  Well, the dog has been called, the day has come and the Fit-ofax is finally up and running!

Originally, I was doing Weight Watchers and had intended to use my new Fit-ofax to track that (food & exercise point daily summary only & the rest using WW online), and my intent was to use the Personal size Domino.

However, I was recently looking through some old photos and realized that the fittest I have ever been was when I was on Body for Life (BfL) back in 2001, so I decided to switch to that program instead.

(I won’t go into the details of the program; if you want to check it out further you can go to for more information)

Thing is, BfL involves tracking a LOT more than just one’s daily points, and there is no “app for that”, so it’s pretty much all pen to paper. They do sell a “BfL Success Journal” for that very purpose, but we are Filofax people…we don’t need no stinkin’ Success Journals!

BfL is much more workout intensive and just more specific all around than Weight Watchers. There are a total of 4 daily log sheets; one for eating, one for your upper body workout, one for cardio, and the last for your lower body workout. And the items tracked for each respective daily eating plan & workout would never in a zillion years fit, in a visible/usable manner, on a Filofax personal size page.

The A5, however, proved to be an ideal size : )

I set about using MS Excel templates for each log sheet and customizing them for A5 paper. I then printed out one month’s worth, trimmed & hole punched them and placed them in my A5 Fit-ofax, along with some tabs to keep everything…say it with me...organized.

Only say it like RenHoek. Say it, “Orrrrrrrrganized”, as if you were a Chihuahua who speaks like Peter Lorre.

Good. Thank you.

Anyway, all that trimming and hole punching struck me as kind of a lot of work, given that I will have to do a new set of refills each month (a total of 60-62 pages depending on the length of the month) and given that the $70 Filofax A5 hole puncher will only do one page at a time and requires you to take it apart and empty it, like, every five seconds…but anyway, one thing at a time, and here are the results to date:
oh SNAP!

I’ll probably sticker this baby up more as we go along, but for now I think this one says it all ; )

In the bin, I had plain old, boring Filofax blank tabs, but I had used them before and they had writing on them. This tweaked my OCD big time, so I cut up some colorful tabs I had bought for that Studio C notebook I scored for free at Staples a couple weeks ago (which sadly were too narrow to use on their own) and glued them to the FF tabs. Not ideal, but enough to quiet the Type A twitching for now.

Body for Life has two key elements; Eating for Life (EfL) and Training for Life (TfL). Behind my first tab, “efl info” (eating for life info) are a couple key pages from the book pertaining to how to carry out the eating program. Any recipes or other informational food related items I decide to add later will ultimately go here as well.

Though, I don’t know who I’m kidding with the recipe bit, because we all know I don’t cook…
my 1st three tabs: “efl info”, “tfl info” and “efl track”
behind the 1st tab, “efl info” are copies of sheets from the Body for Life book on the eating program
Tab #2, “tfl info” (training for life info) similarly holds key informational pages from the book on the workout component of the program. Any good articles from Fitness magazines, or other training info I come across will find a home behind this tab.

can you BELIEVE this workout schedule? boy, am i gonna be buff or what?!

Next come the Tracking tabs:

* “efl track” (eating for life tracking) is where my daily food logs are located.

as you can see, on the left you PLAN what you are going to eat & when and on the right you record your actual food intake

* “upper” has the tracking logs for the upper body workout
again, first you PLAN your workout in the left column & record what you actually do on the right

* “cardio” has, as you may have guessed, the cardio log sheets same deal…plan it out on the left, record what you do on the right. i did not “prettify” the cardio tab because, to be honest, once i get the hang of the intervals i probably won’t record more than the fact that i did the workout for the day & this tab will go away

* “lower”…I bet you already know what’s behind this one, you smarty pants.

blah, blah, blah…plan the workout on the left, record what you did on the right

After all that, I found I had plenty of room for the Week on Two Pages inserts that came with the Domino, so September through December 2012 weekly pages are located at the very back behind a Transparent Flyleaf.

At this point, I am thinking I will track general things here, like any supplements I take, my mood, the weather…and best of all STICKERS!!!!!

Gotta have stickers : )

I’m all jazzed up to start my program on Monday August 27th, so stay tuned for progress reports and maybe, if I’m brave, some pictures.

(Don’t hold your breath for pictures though, seriously!)

One more thing I thought of today (but didn’t feel it was worth holding up the blog post in order to complete) is to find a cheap-o, used copy of the Body for Life book on Amazon with the intent to take it to Staples and have them cut out the Exercise Guide, which has about 20 pages of photos & descriptions for the exercise techniques, and trim/punch them to include in the Fit-ofax.

I’m sure eventually I will get the hang of the exercises, but it’s a good idea to switch things up every 8 weeks or so to prevent plateaus, and having the different options for each muscle group right in my Fit-ofax for quick reference would be wicked cool.

There you have it, the much anticipated, long awaited Fit-ofax. What do you think?!


I love it Zoe! You are rocking all around and I need to get going on my fitness as well! 
Thanks for such an inspiring post on my blog! 🙂


Getting Slim – aham – Filofax Slim!

Today I got ANOTHER “I-love-your-blog” email”!!!! YAAAAY!!!!

This is too much fun people! Too much fun! Very happy! 🙂

As she likes my Filofax posts, I decide to at least show off the beauty I have been experimenting with these days:

You had probably seen it if you are on Twitter.

I am not doing a full set-up post because that is actually no set up yet.
Just tucked in all I could.
This weekend I am hoping to work on it a bit more.

And here it is a different shot!
I had to hide that gorgeousness inside the file cabinet today so I could focus on work 😀 Haha

And shinny!

That will be it for today, way too exhausted to go beyond that 🙂
Have a great Friday everyone!


REALLY Keep doing what you are meant to do people!

We reaaaalllly need to keep doing what we are doing!

I mean, really!

Messages do get to us when we need them.

I have been struggling to decide if I should move to WordPress or not. Many research, ask here, ask there and frustration all around because everything seems so complicated.

My reasons? WP seems to get more viewers.
My short term research told me that are some SEO thingys not available here on blogger.
But then comes the maintenance, plug ins and all sort of things that I need to learn about. Argh!

After a week of researching, this evening I was on the edge of overwhelm and doubts, thinking to myself “why on earth do I need to reach out to more people anyway? Are people really reading this, and is it meaningful?

With those thoughts on my head I start to get ready to take a shower. I hear a bip on my phone and curiously grab it again just “to check”.

An email.

****An email THANKING ME for writing about my soul-searching journey on my blog!****


I could not believe it!! My jaw totally dropped. “Is she a mind-reader now? How did she know I was questioning that??”

For many of you out there, it may be no big deal and a part of your daily routine IS to respond to “thank you” emails.

Well, it is a big deal for me! 🙂
That was a first and made me SO happy! You totally made my whole day missy! Thank You! :))

We so need to keep doing what we are meant to do.

Smooches and much love,


Bookmarks #3 Still alive!

I just found myself totally overwhelmed with the changes I want to make in my life.

I, of course, rolled up the sleeves and started my research for inspiration to make things happen. SO many juicy websites and blogs out there! But SO overwhelming!

It drives me nuts how much wonderful links people are exchanging on Twitter during the day and there I am at work not been able to check them out.

I ususally favorite them all to go back later but then totally forget about it.
So one of my MANY day-dreaming thoughts of today’s work-day was “how to keep track of all of those juicy resources?”


I totally forgot my plan of posting about those readings exactly for that same reason: TO NOT LOOSE SIGHT OF THEM.
I totally forgot about that genius idea I read somewhere a while back! hehe
I posted about that twice before. If you are interested you can read them here and here.

I was craving to get home and start working on my list.
So here we go bookmarks for the week:

  • Women Gets Social!  Seems like everyone knew about that website but me! LOL  Very very juicy!
  • This one is an amazing website where you find resources to make business from the heart. Yes, from the heart! How great is that? This week, many different people were twitting about two catchy titles that are so related to where I am right now:  How to escape from glass-empty negative clients and CONTROL Vs DO IT YOURSELF! oh yeah! 
  • I got very inspired by this post. I will be brave one of these days and place her button on my blog 🙂
  • I just NEED to read her book! See the video she made (at the bottom of the page) ! Soooo cute and so honest.
  • This intro says it all by explaining that the blog is about “fighting like hell for your dreams.” Bookmarked, bookmarked, bookmarked!
  • Another dreamerhug, pack and go” kind of style – that joke is for hubby 😉
  • Those peeps are very refined on their GF cooking style. As I am not a big fun of the kitchen I need to save them for later when I am braver.
  • Look at this gorgeousness! You print at home! I need to find a way to squeeze them into my Filofax! 
Ok, done for this week! All safely recorded! 🙂


(why on earth did the font shrink like that at end? )