Filofax Swap 3 – The "Chamomile" Attempt!

I am really not sure what took me so long!
The “cham-craze” has been around for a while and I just realized I hadn’t post ANYTHING about my most recent juicy purchases. 
Since I drank the Filofax Kool-Aid I have been a little unsettled about my set-up. 
I talked all about it on Filofax Swap! 
Then I did a follow up on called Filofax Swap 2 – The attempt! 
And the saga continues right here on that very blog post in front of you:
****Filofax Swap 3 – The “Camomile” Attempt!**** 
Juicy, huh?
Here it is the Raspberry “Chamomile” Chameleon on the very first weeks. I stayed true to her “compact” nature. I did not overstuff her. 
Oh, before I forget. I am calling her “Chamomile” as this was the result of DH’s attempt to recall the style of that particular Filofax.  He did pretty good I think.  He tossed “Domino”, then “Baroque” and finally “Chamomile”! I love it! 
So here it is Chamomile:
Gorgeous Color and Texture!

Ok, And I am waaaaay ahead of myself here. Let me back up.

My previous plan didn’t work out well because the A5 Filofax is not as portable (obviously, huh?).
Plus I wanted to separate work life from personal life.

The latter was easily fixable, right? Just get a different Filofax for personal stuff. Great! Cross that out as “problem solved”.

The first condition thou was harder.

I have three other personal sized Filofaxes and although very portable,  I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. The rings! Always on my way! I am totally fine writing on the right page, but on the left one, I can barely pass the middle of the page and my handwriting gets awful as the pen gets out of control because my hand is sitting on top of the rings. Yeah, silly, but I really  struggle to write on that left side. I knew that if I stuffed up with sheets, it would get more “leveled” and the rings wouldn’t be so prominent, but the WEIGHT! oh boy.

So off I went to browse some options.
Reading posts here and there l I found this jewel —-> Insight!

After drooling over her series about the Compact Chameleon I quickly went to check colors available on

And there it was! Pink! Red!

“That’s it!” I thought. I rushed over to Pens&Leather and the deal was closed! Not only one, but two! (I got the red one as well, HA!)

Yep, yep, if you have been following Filofax world you will know that very recently that was what I called the “cham-craze”. All Chams half-price on the UK website and shortly there after it reached US!

Oh, pain! I have to say that again: OH, PAIN!
If I only knew that a month later I could had gotten both of them for the price of one and maybe a pocket size as well! hehehe 🙂


Let’s get started with that review, shall we?

First a comparison of thickness with a Personal size:

Rolling to the inside, I will make a list of pros and cons of this gorgeous Compact Chameleon.

So, the very first con – you can clearly see, it doesn’t lie flat out of the box.
I believe with training it will. I don’t think it is it’s nature thou. Like a Domino that may come out of the box not totally flat but easily adaptable to it.

Then, comes the second big con – that insanely crazy pen loop!

Look at that!

It falls right on top of everything! It doesn’t “naturally” stay on the side of it – “out-of-the-way” per say.
That pen loop can’t possibly hold a pen without squeezing everything else.
Nope. If you just close the organizer without thinking, the pen sits on top of the tabs.
I used a Bic 4 colors for this pic but got the same result using a single color, skinnier regular Bic:

So to be able to close the organizer without fighting the pen, I just hang it like this:

It makes easier to move out of the way when needed but it is not very secure and moves around a lot.

Anyways, moving on.

Since I got my Baroque (that I love with all my sweet heart regardless) I knew that those vertical card slots wouldn’t work for me.

Note that my excitement with Snarlings’ video AND the fact that for a brief moment I owned a Chameleon Personal (ended up returning because it was defective) made me not even bother thinking about the card slots.

The personal Chameleon has horizontal card slots.
The A5 Chameleon has horizontal slots.

Why would a compact of the same style have them vertical?

(Because it is compact, duh!)

Yep, yep, as a  Compact “first-time buyer” it didn’t even cross my mind!
(or my eyes! Note that part one of Snarlings’ video there is a VERY clear shot of the vertical slots! Geeez.)

Now, can you follow all the excuses my brain is finding for new Filofax purchases? Or better saying the reasons to NOT buy any more Filofaxes that my brain keeps ignoring?

Although the vertical slots ARE a big deal for me (more about it here), I deliberately denied seeing those vertical slots.


Ok, ok, so far what do we have?

1- Doesn’t lie flat out of the box= CON
2- Nonsense penloop= CON
3-Vertical card slots= CON

Do I still have her? YES!

**Why on earth, you ask, did I stick with her and did not return her right away if I found so many cons?**

Because of this, my dear readers, THIS:

Those RINGS!!! 
They are just amazing to write on! Feels like a notebook; as they are not even there.

See how close to the rings I got to write on the left side? 🙂 Heaven!
One more shot of those gorgeous rings:
And because this Filofax is easier to handle I feel SO much more inspired to write on it and make it super-personal:
It is over this time, right?
I am in heaven, right? 
All the cons are totally irrelevant considering this sweet little pro…..right?
I found “the one”!
hhhhmmmmm, you know…. 
I have a  terrible habit of “butting” into people’s conversation on Twitter…..
The unspeakable happened.
————————–> Be prepared for Filofax Swap 4 – A Solid Attempt! ——————–>

BTW, Will you be around in NY on August 4th? Let’s chitchat Filofax!!! Details right here.


21 responses

  1. I. Love. This. SO. Much.!!! It looks gorgeous 😀 And that's the 1st one I've ever seen look good w/ the Bic lol. I'd love to see how you plan your week, and what all your stickies and tabs are! I hate the rings on the personal too 😦

  2. Rings. I know. I KNOW! I feel this way about my Twin Ring journal. Love. I found out that the company was discontinuing my fav journal. I've been using it fo-ev-ahhhh. Naturally, I've been adding to my stockpiled stash ever since.

  3. I like how you purchased multiple colors of the chameleon during the “cham-craze!”

  4. yup, the rings. love 'em. love, love, LOVE what you've done with “chamomile”!! so colorful and flat out wonderful : )

    what are those awesome stickers you have on your weekly pages pray tell?

  5. Believe me that Bic 4 colors does not look that good with red compact! LOL
    I should had post all the set-up, huh? Will do next!

  6. hehehehe me too! I wish there were more!

  7. hehehehe I know you already figured that one out and PURCHASED a set! hehe
    If anyone else wants to know, those stickers are form The Container Store. They sell online too! @thezeitgeistofzoe can confirm that! 😉

  8. Thank you Ray! That's nice of you to drop a comment! 🙂

  9. This makes me want to get another compact after my Affair died! I'm thinking another Osterley so hopefully I can get a job soon in order to get one with my first paycheck :p

    How does your Bic pen write? I love the colours but I'm not overly fond of biros but I find that this is the only one that is pretty enough to tempt me into the biro market!

  10. Your Filofax looks absolutely beautiful! love, love, love

  11. This is exactly why I described you on my 2012 Love List as “Would make love to Filofax if possible.”

    Link is here:

    Keep up the awesomeness.


  12. It's the Apica Twin Ring notebook. It's perfect in every way.

  13. I have a feeling I will shortly be searching for a compact Chameleon… oops!!!

  14. HI Angela, I didn't know the Affair was compact. Can't go wrong with an Osterley thou! I am dying to see one in person. Hehe

    The Bic fashion color is ok, not great. I don't like the green color because it is very neon-like and pretty light. can't read it very well. The other thing is that I don't like how thick the pen is. It is not very comfortable, I prefer the skinny ones, but at the same time I don't want to carry 4-5 different colors of pen in my purse and dig into it to color-code my notes.
    So that 4 bic is ok for now, not great.

  15. Thank you DEM! I love it too 🙂

  16. hehe, that is funny! Going to check now 😉

  17. I am weirdly proud of enabling you! 😀

  18. I love, love, love that interior shot with all the post-it's! Have you added the photos to the Flickr pool? (hint, hint). 🙂

  19. Thank you Kanalt!
    I hadn't added to Flickr. I signed up and forgot about it. hehe Need to check on it one of these 🙂

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