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Releasing Creativity

I have been actively trying to reconnect with myself.

This year has been so revealing to me.
This dear and juicy blog is slowly representing this change and transformation. I knew I had something going on when I wrote on my intro “Filofax helping me get organized”.

It was just the start!

Hours of journaling and drooling over some long lost passions, like stickers and pens, have been helping me so much to find my center, my balance.

I am very fortunate that it evolved into going back to watercolor. Even while researching and deciding on my first Filofax I found an entry on my Franklin Covey saying “try watercolor again”.

If you have been following my posts (yay!) you may had noticed here and there a few posts about how excited I am getting with this “new” art world ahead of me.

New yet so familiar in so many ways.

Many rules and old patterns need to be cleared out thou.
I am working so hard on letting go of those creativity blocker thingys.

Like “hold the brush that way not that way” or “this is not how to use this technique” and so on.

It is amazing how those magic-killer rules makes us retract and forget about the fun process of making art.

**The process**

How do we dare not make it enjoyable?

In one of the first moments getting back into illustrating I had that little blockage of mine.

I was enjoying, really ENJOYING my illustration.
Even humming a song. (I am usually very happy when I start humming!)

Than suddenly I stopped and horrified looked at the illustration and thought:

“oh my goodness, I’m not supposed to turn the page side ways to do this!”

Excuse me? I am not SUPPOSED to?

And quickly my inner critic decided to be “nice” and give me a “word of advice”:

“well, no one will know you turned the page, just turn it”

EXCUSE ME? no one will KNOW?

Then FINALLY, the nurturing and self-loving side of my mind stepped up and spoke out loud (in a sweet way):

“Are you kidding me?????  Turn it, flip it, fold it, twist it, dice it, dip it into paint and tell the entire world that you turned it, fliped it, folded it, twisted it, diced it, dipped into paint but for crying out loud KEEP THE FUN ROLLING!!!!! Don’t stop NOW!!!”

So yeah, it has been a journey of self discovery to go back to painting.

Discovering huge influences, norms and inner critics that need to change.

I have found so many beautiful bloggers out there doing so many beautiful work. It is so invigorating and reassuring.
Some of them had even similar situations, worked around them and are out there spreading the word. Beautiful!

So here I am about to start my first – of many to come – creativity releasing course:

It will be Leonie’s of course!! Because you know I love her! hehehe

Oh, you didn’t know I love her? Take a look at the buttons – scrolling down – on the side bar ———->
Hers is right there together with Philofaxy. I gotta really love her, right? 😉

So there is the course:

Super excited! Already printed out the first week’s booklet.
Soon the pages will go into my Filofax, hehe

The course starts in two days, on August 1, and here is the course’s blurb copied and pasted from her website:

*****The Creative Goddess e-Course is a powerful, spirited way for you to experience creativity in a whole new way. The e-course is six weeks to discover the Creative Goddess in you.
* Every week you will be assigned Creative Goddess projects to do for the week in a range of creative mediums ~ you will be exploring new ways of creating and connecting with the gorgeous soul, wisdom & beauty inside you.
Six hand-drawn, illustrated and painted ebooks and three sets of worksheets guiding you on creating art as a sacred practice, how to find healing on your journey, walking through your stucknesses, how to create sacred space and discovering the Goddess in you.
Six videos each week from me and Charlie the Happy Healer Dog guiding you on the next part of your Creative Goddess journey.
Six guided 30 minute MP3 goddess meditations by me to work with for each part of the course. These are incredibly powerful resources, and are worth the price of the course alone.*****

I joined the circle a while back and can’t say enough how supportive, helpfull and enlighting it has been connecting with all those women.

I trust the course will be what the blurbs say – yes, I am believer! 😀

Aaaaand I trust even more, better saying, I KNOW that I love people, I love communicating and that the course will be SO much more fun from start till the end with peeps that I know.

Care to join me?

Love, love, love

PS- I spotted a Filofax fan the first day I joined the circle! You know who you are missy! Come on, let’s do it! 🙂


Blog Button is done!

I am really getting inspired by my new notebook.

If you hadn’t seen it on Twitter yet, here it is that gorgeousness:

It has pretty stitches on it:

And BLANK pages:

I really got inspired by it and amongst some real writing I ended up finally finishing a button to put here on the side bar –>

Now just need to figure out how to do it! Hehe.

***UPDATE: I did it! YAY! Button is right there on the right side bar! Please share the juiciness! 🙂 ****

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!


Lukas Watercolor Pan Set – Unwrapping

Hi there!

I couldn’t resist and I had to share my little goodie box.

On my last trip I went a little nuts on art supplies but ironically the one I was dying to put my hands on was an online purchase that arrived right after we were back from the trip.

So there it was a lovely shipping box with that beauty inside:

Those little black boxes hadn’t change much over the years, have they? Just as I remembered from many fun teenager years ago.

I had never had a brand new on my hands thou. Didn’t know that they were wrapped one by one like a candy!
Ah, and extra room to mix, didn’t know that either!
Look at that little cutie, it really is like a candy wrapped!

So yummy!

Getting back “in place”

I was so excited to start using them that before I finished unwrapping them all, I had already poked one of the little squares with brush and water (far left, by the yellow):

All them in action:

So gorgeous. So happy to be back experimenting. Feels good.
Many squishy hugs,

Mid-year Resolution

I woke up yesterday feeling very overwhelmed.
So many projects I have in mind and ended up committing to a few big ones.

Thinking of all the gazillion things I had to squeeze in on my weekend before Monday hits again, I just wanted to turn to the side and fall sleep again.

But I didn’t.

Well, I did turn to the side but I didn’t fall asleep.
My eyes landed on the book on my nightstand that I have been reading tid-bits here and there: SARK‘s Make Your Creative Dreams Real.

“Hhhmmm, sure I can read a few more pages of that instead” I thought.

And there it was as it usually happens on those situations, I picked up right where I left and it was exactly what I needed. I just read two pages. Have you read any of her books? If so you may recall that she has it written in huge fonts and drawings that take all over the page. So in a regular book kind of font, I think I read only half page.

It was all I needed.

She was talking about perfectionism and procrastination. I learned that the later is usually a result of the former.

Flashing news for me!!!  I really didn’t know that.

As she went on explaining it all made sense.

I then, had a moment of intense insight, did a theatrical move out of the bed, sheets flying all over the place, and I felt victoriously waking up to a “mid-year” resolution:

***I am not listening to my perfectionism anymore.*** 

I am getting things done instead.


No more “this could be better, I can’t release it yet, it’s not ready. “

Then my very first result of the resolution came out shortly there after yesterday in late afternoon.

I finished – hence, I EASILY finished – a huge step of a project and already got far ahead into the second step of it.

Feel so good!

A great enlighten day, that’s what yesterday was.  🙂

Filofax Swap 3 – The "Chamomile" Attempt!

I am really not sure what took me so long!
The “cham-craze” has been around for a while and I just realized I hadn’t post ANYTHING about my most recent juicy purchases. 
Since I drank the Filofax Kool-Aid I have been a little unsettled about my set-up. 
I talked all about it on Filofax Swap! 
Then I did a follow up on called Filofax Swap 2 – The attempt! 
And the saga continues right here on that very blog post in front of you:
****Filofax Swap 3 – The “Camomile” Attempt!**** 
Juicy, huh?
Here it is the Raspberry “Chamomile” Chameleon on the very first weeks. I stayed true to her “compact” nature. I did not overstuff her. 
Oh, before I forget. I am calling her “Chamomile” as this was the result of DH’s attempt to recall the style of that particular Filofax.  He did pretty good I think.  He tossed “Domino”, then “Baroque” and finally “Chamomile”! I love it! 
So here it is Chamomile:
Gorgeous Color and Texture!

Ok, And I am waaaaay ahead of myself here. Let me back up.

My previous plan didn’t work out well because the A5 Filofax is not as portable (obviously, huh?).
Plus I wanted to separate work life from personal life.

The latter was easily fixable, right? Just get a different Filofax for personal stuff. Great! Cross that out as “problem solved”.

The first condition thou was harder.

I have three other personal sized Filofaxes and although very portable,  I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. The rings! Always on my way! I am totally fine writing on the right page, but on the left one, I can barely pass the middle of the page and my handwriting gets awful as the pen gets out of control because my hand is sitting on top of the rings. Yeah, silly, but I really  struggle to write on that left side. I knew that if I stuffed up with sheets, it would get more “leveled” and the rings wouldn’t be so prominent, but the WEIGHT! oh boy.

So off I went to browse some options.
Reading posts here and there l I found this jewel —-> Insight!

After drooling over her series about the Compact Chameleon I quickly went to check colors available on

And there it was! Pink! Red!

“That’s it!” I thought. I rushed over to Pens&Leather and the deal was closed! Not only one, but two! (I got the red one as well, HA!)

Yep, yep, if you have been following Filofax world you will know that very recently that was what I called the “cham-craze”. All Chams half-price on the UK website and shortly there after it reached US!

Oh, pain! I have to say that again: OH, PAIN!
If I only knew that a month later I could had gotten both of them for the price of one and maybe a pocket size as well! hehehe 🙂


Let’s get started with that review, shall we?

First a comparison of thickness with a Personal size:

Rolling to the inside, I will make a list of pros and cons of this gorgeous Compact Chameleon.

So, the very first con – you can clearly see, it doesn’t lie flat out of the box.
I believe with training it will. I don’t think it is it’s nature thou. Like a Domino that may come out of the box not totally flat but easily adaptable to it.

Then, comes the second big con – that insanely crazy pen loop!

Look at that!

It falls right on top of everything! It doesn’t “naturally” stay on the side of it – “out-of-the-way” per say.
That pen loop can’t possibly hold a pen without squeezing everything else.
Nope. If you just close the organizer without thinking, the pen sits on top of the tabs.
I used a Bic 4 colors for this pic but got the same result using a single color, skinnier regular Bic:

So to be able to close the organizer without fighting the pen, I just hang it like this:

It makes easier to move out of the way when needed but it is not very secure and moves around a lot.

Anyways, moving on.

Since I got my Baroque (that I love with all my sweet heart regardless) I knew that those vertical card slots wouldn’t work for me.

Note that my excitement with Snarlings’ video AND the fact that for a brief moment I owned a Chameleon Personal (ended up returning because it was defective) made me not even bother thinking about the card slots.

The personal Chameleon has horizontal card slots.
The A5 Chameleon has horizontal slots.

Why would a compact of the same style have them vertical?

(Because it is compact, duh!)

Yep, yep, as a  Compact “first-time buyer” it didn’t even cross my mind!
(or my eyes! Note that part one of Snarlings’ video there is a VERY clear shot of the vertical slots! Geeez.)

Now, can you follow all the excuses my brain is finding for new Filofax purchases? Or better saying the reasons to NOT buy any more Filofaxes that my brain keeps ignoring?

Although the vertical slots ARE a big deal for me (more about it here), I deliberately denied seeing those vertical slots.


Ok, ok, so far what do we have?

1- Doesn’t lie flat out of the box= CON
2- Nonsense penloop= CON
3-Vertical card slots= CON

Do I still have her? YES!

**Why on earth, you ask, did I stick with her and did not return her right away if I found so many cons?**

Because of this, my dear readers, THIS:

Those RINGS!!! 
They are just amazing to write on! Feels like a notebook; as they are not even there.

See how close to the rings I got to write on the left side? 🙂 Heaven!
One more shot of those gorgeous rings:
And because this Filofax is easier to handle I feel SO much more inspired to write on it and make it super-personal:
It is over this time, right?
I am in heaven, right? 
All the cons are totally irrelevant considering this sweet little pro…..right?
I found “the one”!
hhhhmmmmm, you know…. 
I have a  terrible habit of “butting” into people’s conversation on Twitter…..
The unspeakable happened.
————————–> Be prepared for Filofax Swap 4 – A Solid Attempt! ——————–>

BTW, Will you be around in NY on August 4th? Let’s chitchat Filofax!!! Details right here.

Plastic Envelope in a snap!

This evening I unexpectedly decided to have some “me” time.

I had a pretty long list of things to do but because of a little post-office surprise – to be shown in a later post – I just decided to ignore my list and work on fun stuff.

And that includes Filofaxing, of course!

I have been craving a cash pocket on my compact Filofax for a while.
Because it is a compact AND because I am already using a plastic envelope for some random papers AND because I didn’t want to spend money to order online on a new envelope I just let it go.

But last week, the light bulb went on! YAY! I had that very extremely complex idea and here it is:

On my last post I talked about the art goodies I recently bought, including a watercolor set.
That set came with a “freebie” brush set.

I hadn’t used the brushes yet but wanted to put them into my brush cups so I took them out of the bag.

AHA! Then I realized the bag could make a very good cash envelope for my Filofax!

And here we go, my super-complex and intricate process:

the envelope 

I placed the envelope on the page to cut it the right hight:

Folded to find the center:

Whole punched:


Very exhausting process.
And it is just PERFECT for the purpose! It is very narrow which makes it a perfect cash size. 
See compared to the zipped Filofax plastic envelope. It sits right under the “stitching”:
Very narrow!
But totally perfect!

Last one,  just because 🙂

Thanks again for reading and have a great week!


New goodies!

On my last post I mentioned how well I behaved at the Filofax Meet-up.
I purchased ONE tinny little item – only a flyleaf!

**pet, pet, pet on my back**

Oh, but wait. It was just a trade-off!

Believe it or not, this juicy thing was RIGHT ACROSS STREET from the hotel in our Chicago trip:

Seriously, I was stoked!
I had a suitcase, a humongous purse, and people walking and bumping all around me but I still couldn’t move when I saw it.
Too dazzled for it.

(I really don’t leave in a cave if you may wonder about that again. I believe my suburban life have been suffocating the city girl in me, and I get dazzled with random things)

My reaction – as I couldn’t move – was my usual subtleness when I get excited:


And there I was pulling DH’s arm, shaking it, squeezing it as I tried to explain that  “I had JUST ordered online, before leaving home, a watercolor pan set from them!!!!! OMG I CAN’T BELIIIIEVE IIIITT They are right here in front of me! I CAN”T BELIIIEEEEEVE IT”

The delivery of the watercolor set was schedule to happen right the day we were back home but still.
It would have been much more fun to actually walk into the store, touch everything possible and make a purchase right there in person!

Oh, sure thing I could go in, touch everything anyways and purchase other stuff couldn’t I? hehe

And so I did.

I went in and out of that store every single day.

And could it get any better? Yes, it could!

I soon found out that right across the BACK street, this juicy thing was awaiting me:

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Did I have fun browsing around?

And here it is my very first purchase at Utrecht:

Because those items can *only* be found at Utrecht! HA!
Then just to vary a bit, I walked over to Blick to get that:

After many, many, ins-and-outs, browsing, touching and such, all the goodies from both stores together:

The pic is missing the masking fluid
AND when I got home there it was:
The unwrapping of that baby will come in the next post, so I don’t overload with pics again!
Oh, I m so excited! Have been working on them since I got back and I can’t say enough how happy I am to be back on it!
Much, much more to come! Keep tuned! ;D
Thanks for reading and till next time!

Filofax MeetUp: Chicago

How can it be so hard to get back on track after ONE WEEKEND out-of-town vacation inside the same country you leave? Geesh! Still so much to catch-up online and offline.

Online IS more fun so here we go: Chicago Meet-up! Yay!

I was planning on bringing all the Filofaxes I have, but then really, it is not that I was driving down there, right? I had to get into a plane, fit all the A5s in one single-carry-on, plus shoes, clothes, other filofaxes and leave room to bring back goodies?

No way!

So just a selected number of portable ones were supposed to come with me.

I was still at the hotel room, sorting out my babies, getting ready and then I realized.

I forgot my Amazona! Argh!

One of the lighter ones to carry (it’s a slimline) I left home. Bummer.

Oh, and when I got back home, while unpacking I realized my pink mini Finsbury was still safe-and-sound wrapped around some shirts. Never made it to the MeetUp! That’s what happen when you are too small, you just get lost inside a suitcase.

Anyways, there they were, the ones that actually made it:

Natural Snake Domino in the purple box, Compact Raspberry Chameleon in the black box, Compact Red Chameleon, Mini Spring Green Chameleon and my dearest Baroque.

And there we were, on our way, waiting for the subway:

Isn’t it pretty? I LOVE subways! Makes me feel back home 🙂

I got a little lost walking around the area even with my GPS/IPhone in hand but it wasn’t bad at all. Very pretty place!  The name of that neighborhood explained it all:

So, of course, as I was lost and wondering walking around I was the last one to get there at the Mancini’s restaurant.

As I walked towards the Filofax table and saw the “is it her?” smiley faces looking at me I suddenly realized that no one knew how I looked like!

or even worse, no one knew MY NAME! LOL

yes, that is very obvious to anyone that reads my blog, but I never thought of that!

When I started this blog I was concurrently (ui, a big word for me) looking for a job. I really didn’t want any HR personnel finding my first post where I put out there how messy my last year was – school & work – and that I had to find a way, as a new years’ resolution, to put myself together.

Well, anyway, I guess I did a VERY good job hiding behind LimeTreeFruits! 😀

So, introductions made, clarification of names and all there I was sitting around all the stars I follow and  their celebrities Filofaxes.

It really felt like a celebrity show for me!
I recognized all the faces and the organizers. Like watching a TV show or something and getting to meet all them in person afterwards. Very different experience. I had never met celebrities before!

Didn’t take long, even before we order, to have some understanding souls pulling out their organizers to fulfill my biggest craving ever: TO SEE A MALDEN!

I SAW IT AND TOUCH IT! Not just one actually, three at the same time!

They are really amazing. Feel very good to the touch and HOW FLEXIBLE! They can carry literally everything; Jordan’s is humongous! Really, it really fits it all!

I was pretty sure I took a pic of the three Malden’s thickness but I can’t find it. I guess I didn’t.

Well, moving on.

I just could not hold myself from bringing up questions and Filofaxes to the table. Here it is the first group shot with just  few of them:

How great they look? and the little goodie bag that Jill gave to all of us:

Very nice! I always get stickers with a purpose, like reminding me of appointments or things I need to do, never just for fun. I love it! I may get into a new habit now! 😉

My perfect combo even materialized that day! I didn’t expect that.

When I was hunting for an Almond Amazona, it was “to-go with” my baby spring green. I couldn’t find a personal size, got the slimeline and ended up not using them together at all.

But here it is the dream combo I had in mind:

Juicy, huh?
A side note to the yummy food we had. Look at the deserts! To die for:
The memorable moment we all look forward to see on those MeetUps – the Filofax pile!
They worked hard on it! Ain’t that easy to balance so many.

Ta-da! How gorgeous.

I loved seen the bronze Domino in person. I even checked right there at the restaurant if still had it on sale.

Yep, still there.
Will see how long I will wait.

Another pic that I could swear I took was a side-by-side comparison with the Raspberry Chameleon Personal & Compact. Can’t find anywhere so obviously I didn’t take it.

But you can have a slight idea of the thickness size. Third from the bottom is Sandra’s Personal and third from top is my Compact. Can you see the difference?

Also note Jordan’s Malden which is as thick as the A5s at the bottom! A more “regular” sized one is Jill’s Malden, fifth from the bottom.

After that ginormous amount of pasta & sweets we needed to burn off the calories.
So we walked as far as we could – right next door to Paper Source:

Add caption

 There I was very surprised to find a HAIRY “Domino”! HA! Look at that!

Even the way the rubber band is attached to the side was similar!

I was holding off but the ladies did some real shopping there:

Shop ’till you drop

Next, we went to another store VERY FAR AWAY – right across the street.

Aha! A Filofax counter full of organizers!
I have never seen that many. Really! I can’t imagine how dazzling a real Filofax store would be. I was impressed to see so many “celebrities”:

I always wanted to see a Raspberry Metropol in person and there it was.
But I didn’t like it much. I guess after handling so many leather ones, it felt very “plasticky”.

The orange Domino is beautiful thou! My first Filofax was a Personal Domino and I remember debating a lot if I should order orange or pink. Maybe one of these days I will find a lame excuse to get the orange. hehe

Than! Another unexpected thing happened there: I touched a Holborn!

oh, boy! Have you seen/ touched one?

It’s amazing! I played with it a lot – opened, closed, opened again, checked every slot, checked every pocket, tucked my whole hand fingers into one of them to see how deep it was, tucked two of my cards on the cc slots just to “feel it” and almost put the whole organizer inside my purse “to try it out”. I realized the shop owner could confuse my last move as an attempt to sneak out of the store with an unpaid item so I didn’t.

But it really got to me!
I couldn’t help but notice that there is a wine compact one coming up at Pens&Leather! 

*breathe, breathe*

I came back home to investigate the Compact Holborn further and found out the card slots are different then the personal size. I guess all compacts have them vertically.

My recent love for compacts should be a subject for another post. I won’t extended this post any longer, I promise! 🙂

And didn’t I behave on my Filofax purchases? My only item – a FlyLeaf! hehe
I have never seen one – in person – with the “f” tab on the side.

(I just noticed how many “I have never seen this before” came up on this post. I really don’t live inside a cave with internet connection as it may seem like)

To summarize: I had a GREAT TIME on my first Filofax MeetUp! I am so happy to have found such a great, warm and welcoming community!

I can’t wait for the next one! Really.

I already posted it on Philofaxy but just to make sure you don’t miss it, I will re-post it:

***If anyone is up to a tiny-meetup in August 4th or 5th in NY, please give me a shout!***
A coffee in the afternoon to talk Filofax will work just fine, nothing super-big.

To finalize, cheers to amazing Filofax MeetUps!

Thanks again for reading and hope to see you in New York! ;D