Juicy Bloomsbury!

***UPDATE: Both of them Sold! Yay! Off to a good loving home! 🙂 *****

Well, so last week I mentioned I had two Filofax for sale and here I am to present them. 🙂

I divided into two posts just so I can go crazy on pics overload and still have people reading till the end of the post, hehe

If you are interested on the Belmont, go here ——> Mr. Belmont.

For the “almost-baroque-but-not-quite” keep on reading!

Here it is the juicy Bloomsbury!

It is Personal size in a a very gorgeous bright blue.

It is in excellent condition and it was never used – got on Ebay and the seller claimed it was never used; I never used it either.
Ms. Bloom really needs to find a good home!

The only thing are the binders marks on that same spot (see pics).

This one doesn’t come with any inserts as I took them out and can’t find them! 😀
In a few hours I am leaving to Chicago – and will be there at the Filofax Meetup YAY! – if you are interested and need the inserts I will have them when I am back and will add to the package.

Ok, let’s see some pics, shall we?

I am asking $50 plus shipping for that beauty!
Questions and love letters to Ms. Bloom email me at limetreefruits [at] gmail [dot] com
Don’t forget to check out Mr. Belmont as well!
Oh, and it comes with the black box!!!!! ;D

2 responses

  1. Wow…wish I had seen this before I purchased my Aqua Chameleon (though I do love her too)…but this color and leather is a beauty. I never heard of Bloomsbury before…is it a heritage Filo from back in the day? Wow. Whoever gets this is a lucky one. I'm going to check back (I just bought 2) and am considering it but I don't think it will last long!

  2. Hi Cheryl, it is a beauty isn't it? You are right, it didn't last long! It is gone already! 😀

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