Filofax Sale! (now for real)

***UPDATE: Both of them Sold! Yay! Off to a good loving home! 🙂 *****

Yay! Filofax sale!

As I mentioned last week, I have two Filofaxes for sale. Jotje amazingly pointed out on FIRST TRY their style on my previous post.

I usually go a little overboard with pics and specially because – in this case – this is the point; to show every detail of the sale beauties I decided to split this post in two. If you are interested on the Bloomsbury below, click on the pic.

If you are interested on the Belmont, keep on reading! 😀

Here we go:

This is a Pocket size Belmont. I got it on Ebay, tried to use for work but it wasn’t the right size. I am hoping to find a good home for him. Besides the binder marks (see third to last picture) Mr. Belmont is in excellent condition and comes with:

  • week on two pages cotton cream pages from June and on
  • plastic envelop
  • “today” bookmark 
  • tab dividers “diary, notes, information, financial and addresses”
  • alphabetical tab dividers
  • address sheets
  • todo sheets
  • cotton cream lined sheets. 

See pics! 🙂

I am asking $40 plus shipping.

Any other questions or if interested in welcoming Mr. Belmont to your home – YAY! – please email me at limetreefruits [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks! 🙂

PS: Want to take a look at the Bloomsbury? Click there ———–> Juicy Bloomsbury available!


3 responses

  1. what color would you describe this?? a dusty rose?? or tan?

  2. Lovely! Another beauty. I wondered the same thing…is it dusty rose or like a spice or rust color. Good find for the lucky purchaser!

  3. Hi there! It is not rose for sure. more of rust color.
    Thanks for reading! 😉

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