My B-day (French letters, Goddess Circle and Filofax)

Happy birthday to ME! Yay!

Very wonderful b-day celebration. Celebration for the last entire year. Reaaaaallly!!!!
Very very happy this days – I already said that a gazillion times in other posts, I know – but truly I am!

Tonight, my favorite restaurant, DH and me, myself and I taking care of me, myself and I.

This past year has been a very introspective, clarifying and revealing year. I learned so much and am finally acting on “taking care” of myself.

I was going to give me as a b-day gift a membership to Leonie’s Goddess Circle.

The excitement of the decision OF COURSE didn’t hold me from purchasing it waaaay back in May (my b-day is really today June 14th).

“Ok, ok”, I thought to myself, “it’s ok, I can certainly enjoy it a little earlier, nothing wrong with it, I can even get ready for one of the courses before June”.


I found so many wonderful women to connect, so many “super-hero” stories hidden around and feel so much more inspired to take care of myself!

All the courses printed out, I needed, I really NEEDED somewhere to store it, flip thru pages and take notes.

Hhhmmmmmm……..Let’s think together… A place to store all the pages? A place to have all the lessons and take notes………..what…..could………be…..?



And it is a GORGEOUS one! My iPhone is not making justice to that beauty’s color.

A while back I tried to use my 2012 Year Planner  on my Baroque but it didn’t worked out well, because it was too small.

Look how perfect now on a Domino A5 size:

And look how much stuff I printed out already (and there are more courses to print still!):

One more pic just because I really love Leonie’s stuff and the shinny rings on my Filofax 😀

I also gave myself another gift, that it was very unexpected.

At the Circle I met a bunch of creative ladies and their work.
One of them, I already mentioned in one of my posts. She is a Canadian artist that sends letters out to the world.

Actually, painted letters. How cool is that?

And I receive mine TODAY! on My B-day!

ooooohhhhh joy! I was so thrilled to see it sitting there on the mail box! There  was just something to it. Receiving an actual letter!
I just loved it!

Look how cute and cozy:

It came with a tiny envelope with a magnet inside and a page from Hemingway where he talks about Paris – where the letter came from.

Oh, gosh! really so happy!

To top it all off DH gave me the best gift ever!……I was about to take a pic of it at the restaurant (Instagram! HA!) but he didn’t let me. So I am just manifesting here that I am very happy with it.

I am really thankful for this past personal year.
And I am SO looking forward to this shinny and glittery brand new one!

Many blessings, love & joy


9 responses

  1. Belated Happy Birthday!! 🙂
    It was such a lovely surprise to get your message in the Goddess Circle. I admit I haven't done much with mine, but your planner looks lovely in your Domino. That letter is stunning too.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I looked at the Goddess Circle once before and thought it would be a really good thing to do (and then promptly forgot about it as life got in the way and I hadn't written it in my FF). I really should look into doing this, but need to get my life in order first (and will I ever complete my 101 in 1001 if I add another thing to my list of things to do…). Join soon, or wait until I have sorted my life to allow me time to myself…? Any advice gratefully received… (I'm planning on starting journalling soon as well… time to work out those demons and get balanced)

  3. Thanks for mentioning my Paris Letters. And also, you took the best photo of them! Really, much better than I did. Though I suppose my strength is more in the making of them and less in the photographing of them. DELIGHTED to have met you and to be sending you letters.

  4. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was fabulous. That letter is absolutely gorgeous. Hey if you ever want a letter I'll send ya one! They won't look near as pretty though. I am always looking for a new pen pal.

  5. Happy Birthday (belated)! It's been so nice getting to know you in the Circle and I'm so happy to hear you had such a joyous day.

  6. Hey LJ, I am pretty sure when you allow more time to yourself you will magically start accomplishing other goals you have. Seriously! Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do at any given time. 🙂

  7. oh send me! I love letters! really! I can email you my mailing address 😉

  8. @Anita @Janice @Heather @Joseph Thank you so much! I really appreciate you guys dropping by for my b-day post! Love,love,love! 🙂

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