Filofax SALE (almost!)

So, finally courage came and the time is here. 
Filofax clan is getting way too big and a few of them lost their purpose in life in my hands. 
They need other homes that will make them feel alive again with a sense of meaning. 
It was a very hard decision as I like to stare-touch my Filofaxes just “because”. 
A few months ago I couldn’t even bare the thought of passing any along. 
I would always have the excuse “but I may need it at some point!”. 
Well, after five months sitting in a shelf, I realized it is just not fair to the organizer.
Here we go, two Filofax for sale! 
Ahem, next week. Next week they will be for sale.
For now just a preview and a little fun (easy) game:
Can you tell their style?
I will post their complete “profile” next week but meanwhile I wanted to see what would everyone come up with! 
Most of you will have no problem identifying, I know that!

Sooo, What are they? 😀


5 responses

  1. Top: Bloomsbury
    Bottom: Belmont

    Am I right????

  2. I think the first one is a Teal Baroque, but, 2 pen loops. The 2nd one a Cuban?

  3. if the first is your beautiful teal baroque than please!!!!!!! sell it to me! as you already saw on my blog i´m lusting for one for my 101 things to do in 1001 days – List!!
    Please pick me as the new baroque mama!!!!! :))

  4. Ladies!!!! No, I wouldn't have courage to sell my Baroque! nom,nom,nom! I LOVE it too much! 🙂
    I heard (read actually) that it is still available on

    Jotje, RIGHT ON!!!!!! You are so good! 🙂

    For anyone interested on those beauties, more info/pics to come next week!

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