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Juicy Bloomsbury!

***UPDATE: Both of them Sold! Yay! Off to a good loving home! 🙂 *****

Well, so last week I mentioned I had two Filofax for sale and here I am to present them. 🙂

I divided into two posts just so I can go crazy on pics overload and still have people reading till the end of the post, hehe

If you are interested on the Belmont, go here ——> Mr. Belmont.

For the “almost-baroque-but-not-quite” keep on reading!

Here it is the juicy Bloomsbury!

It is Personal size in a a very gorgeous bright blue.

It is in excellent condition and it was never used – got on Ebay and the seller claimed it was never used; I never used it either.
Ms. Bloom really needs to find a good home!

The only thing are the binders marks on that same spot (see pics).

This one doesn’t come with any inserts as I took them out and can’t find them! 😀
In a few hours I am leaving to Chicago – and will be there at the Filofax Meetup YAY! – if you are interested and need the inserts I will have them when I am back and will add to the package.

Ok, let’s see some pics, shall we?

I am asking $50 plus shipping for that beauty!
Questions and love letters to Ms. Bloom email me at limetreefruits [at] gmail [dot] com
Don’t forget to check out Mr. Belmont as well!
Oh, and it comes with the black box!!!!! ;D

Filofax Sale! (now for real)

***UPDATE: Both of them Sold! Yay! Off to a good loving home! 🙂 *****

Yay! Filofax sale!

As I mentioned last week, I have two Filofaxes for sale. Jotje amazingly pointed out on FIRST TRY their style on my previous post.

I usually go a little overboard with pics and specially because – in this case – this is the point; to show every detail of the sale beauties I decided to split this post in two. If you are interested on the Bloomsbury below, click on the pic.

If you are interested on the Belmont, keep on reading! 😀

Here we go:

This is a Pocket size Belmont. I got it on Ebay, tried to use for work but it wasn’t the right size. I am hoping to find a good home for him. Besides the binder marks (see third to last picture) Mr. Belmont is in excellent condition and comes with:

  • week on two pages cotton cream pages from June and on
  • plastic envelop
  • “today” bookmark 
  • tab dividers “diary, notes, information, financial and addresses”
  • alphabetical tab dividers
  • address sheets
  • todo sheets
  • cotton cream lined sheets. 

See pics! 🙂

I am asking $40 plus shipping.

Any other questions or if interested in welcoming Mr. Belmont to your home – YAY! – please email me at limetreefruits [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks! 🙂

PS: Want to take a look at the Bloomsbury? Click there ———–> Juicy Bloomsbury available!

My B-day (French letters, Goddess Circle and Filofax)

Happy birthday to ME! Yay!

Very wonderful b-day celebration. Celebration for the last entire year. Reaaaaallly!!!!
Very very happy this days – I already said that a gazillion times in other posts, I know – but truly I am!

Tonight, my favorite restaurant, DH and me, myself and I taking care of me, myself and I.

This past year has been a very introspective, clarifying and revealing year. I learned so much and am finally acting on “taking care” of myself.

I was going to give me as a b-day gift a membership to Leonie’s Goddess Circle.

The excitement of the decision OF COURSE didn’t hold me from purchasing it waaaay back in May (my b-day is really today June 14th).

“Ok, ok”, I thought to myself, “it’s ok, I can certainly enjoy it a little earlier, nothing wrong with it, I can even get ready for one of the courses before June”.


I found so many wonderful women to connect, so many “super-hero” stories hidden around and feel so much more inspired to take care of myself!

All the courses printed out, I needed, I really NEEDED somewhere to store it, flip thru pages and take notes.

Hhhmmmmmm……..Let’s think together… A place to store all the pages? A place to have all the lessons and take notes………..what…..could………be…..?



And it is a GORGEOUS one! My iPhone is not making justice to that beauty’s color.

A while back I tried to use my 2012 Year Planner  on my Baroque but it didn’t worked out well, because it was too small.

Look how perfect now on a Domino A5 size:

And look how much stuff I printed out already (and there are more courses to print still!):

One more pic just because I really love Leonie’s stuff and the shinny rings on my Filofax 😀

I also gave myself another gift, that it was very unexpected.

At the Circle I met a bunch of creative ladies and their work.
One of them, I already mentioned in one of my posts. She is a Canadian artist that sends letters out to the world.

Actually, painted letters. How cool is that?

And I receive mine TODAY! on My B-day!

ooooohhhhh joy! I was so thrilled to see it sitting there on the mail box! There  was just something to it. Receiving an actual letter!
I just loved it!

Look how cute and cozy:

It came with a tiny envelope with a magnet inside and a page from Hemingway where he talks about Paris – where the letter came from.

Oh, gosh! really so happy!

To top it all off DH gave me the best gift ever!……I was about to take a pic of it at the restaurant (Instagram! HA!) but he didn’t let me. So I am just manifesting here that I am very happy with it.

I am really thankful for this past personal year.
And I am SO looking forward to this shinny and glittery brand new one!

Many blessings, love & joy

Filofax SALE (almost!)

So, finally courage came and the time is here. 
Filofax clan is getting way too big and a few of them lost their purpose in life in my hands. 
They need other homes that will make them feel alive again with a sense of meaning. 
It was a very hard decision as I like to stare-touch my Filofaxes just “because”. 
A few months ago I couldn’t even bare the thought of passing any along. 
I would always have the excuse “but I may need it at some point!”. 
Well, after five months sitting in a shelf, I realized it is just not fair to the organizer.
Here we go, two Filofax for sale! 
Ahem, next week. Next week they will be for sale.
For now just a preview and a little fun (easy) game:
Can you tell their style?
I will post their complete “profile” next week but meanwhile I wanted to see what would everyone come up with! 
Most of you will have no problem identifying, I know that!

Sooo, What are they? 😀

Bookmarks #2

Yay! Friday! Time to gather the thoughts, discoveries and findings online.

One more little list of “notes-to-self” of blogs, websites and ideas that are juicy and I don’t want to loose. My very first “online bookmark” was not too long ago – last week! 🙂 And you can read it here in case you are curious.

So here we go, during my super-rushy week I found those interesting readings that I will enjoy more deeply over the weekend:

  • Flowers that you can eat! Gorgeous! Had never eaten one. How come?
  • Anyone out there that that feels pressured to narrow down interested and find THE passion of your life? According to some peeps in the same boat, search no more! ——>we can have it all! Actually this one I need to go check out in more detail. I just scanned and heard it will be helpful for people like me with way too many interests. That’s why I am bookmarking it here, right? 😉
  • ok, that one has long story that I will try to make as short as possible. I use to have a very bad back problem. REALLY bad. Physical Therapy saved me and I am in the process of healing. I still am very scared of certain chairs, and/ or feelings of discomfort that may bring all the pain back. The other thing is that I looooooove to be around nature. I love to just be outside surrounded by it. I used to meditate sitting in the grass but after many years my back couldn’t handle it anymore. Then I said to DH the other week: “I SO wish we could put our mattress outside” (it’s a fancy Tempur-Pedic one) and during my weekly search online I found this beauty! Ooooooohhhh how delicious is that? I don’t even need the fanciness, really, just the couch in the garden to sit, get comfy, read and smell the air. Juicy! 
  • A raw vegan burger! Oh my. So many raw possibilities. I had no idea!
  • Resources for raw food aspirants and practitioners! Yay! Can’t go wrong with that!
  • Now, this one is genius! A Canadian artist in Paris, paints letters to anyone that wants to receive them! Really, amazingly beautiful! You need to check it out. I am just waiting to receive mine!
  • If you dig into her profile a little more, you will find a special and rewarding project. I really want to do it. While reading the post, a name came right to my mind. Just need to be very careful to plan how to make it happen without been noticed 😉
And that’s it for the week! Hope you enjoyed as I felt very inspired by these findings! 
Have a great weekend! 🙂


Super-extremely excited to finally start working on my stickers.
I hadn’t find yet stickers for the events/ activities I want so I decide to make them myself.

Here it is, the very first one I started working on last saturday. It was a beautiful wet morning actually.

(I love rainy sunny days!)

Pretty soon I will have a few ready and will be able to test-drive. Which will be as fun as making them! 😀

Filofax Swap 2 – The attempt!

Phew! How did a whole week went by like that? Time flies! And things really change. Really fast actually.
So, here we go with one more update.
When I started writing this post I had a plan and a specific Filofax in mind. I even envisioned how this post would look like! 😀 Huge mistake! I had no idea!
Let’s put it out there: Personal Chameleon in Red. 

THAT was the plan! 
Then Anita Lin came into play with her juicy video of the Personal Snake
ohh sweeeet pain!
Have you seen the video? Did you hit play? Ok, here you go one more time in case you missed the first link —–> SNAKE!
Isn’t that gorgeous? 
And it is here with me!!!  *giggles* 🙂
So, let me rewind a bit to state the obvious. I quickly changed my plans and decided that if I was going to get a bigger size other than a pocket Filofax that SO unique Personal size had to be it!
One thing happened while it flew from UK to USA thou. 
My so-called work Filofax arrived. A gorgeous A5 Acqua Chameleon. 
in action: at work!
Then, while nibbling around, playing with it and smiling (a lot) at it at work, I realized that most of my personal note-taking happens… AT WORK.  Hmmmmm, so yeah, you guessed right. I started using it for both, personal things and work related stuff. 
Look how nice and neat:
I have two sets of tabs. The top one personal and the bottom one work.
Once again, a very straight forward set-up.

  • Notes – self-explanatory. Anything random that I can’t forget goes there. Later on I sort out those notes and put them on the right category.
  • Health – doc app, food log, exercise log, WW points track, etc.
  • “Funzies” – that means hobbies, thoughts, ideas,  and the like. Even more random than “notes” but as the made-up name implies, notes that are fun, thoughts that make me happy, and broken down tasks on how to accomplish my nourishing goals.
  • Classes – class notes, schedule, timeline, degree plan, etc.
  • Shopping – all the lists separated by stores that I go more frequently.
  • House – barely a cleaning schedule (argh! who likes cleaning?), a timeline for home repairs and projects and broken down steps and tasks for moving out.
The other tabs are work related so we will skip that. 

I used that Filofax for personal planning for a long time but I quickly realized that although I LOVE how much room I have to write, my weekends couldn’t handle it. It was way too heavy to carry around. Just to have coffee with friends it was way too much weight for me on a Saturday. 
And the breaking point: I really need to have visual fun with my Filofaxes. Well, the one for personal stuff at least. 
Of course all the organizing possibilities of a Filofax are crucial and the main point of it but I need fun colors, fun stickers and fun tabs. Because it was a work organizer I was restraining myself from all that.
I didn’t want to open that gorgeous and classy Acqua Chameleon during a meeting and have all the fun stickers, tabs and Bic-color-“fashion”-coding popping out. Specially in an environment that NO ONE uses a paper planner. I am the only one. 
So, yeah, tuning down the “fun” and focusing on “functionality” really helps me at work, but oh gosh! on my weekends? I really want to feel happy when I open my Filofax, I don’t need to feel so professional.
Soooo there is a sequel!!!!  Filofax Swap 3 has been slowly tested and developed! 
Would it be the absurdly sexy Snake? Would it be the very first idea of a red chameleon?  
Hang on tight! Updates are coming! 🙂
And to end it with a loving family pic, here they are all cuddly:
And the most alert guardian of all, fearlessly protecting my treasure with his life:

————————–> Keep tuned to Filofax Swap 3 – The Content Attempt! ——————–>

Bookmarks #1

As I am getting more involved with all the social-media-internet-fun out there, I have been finding wonderful blogs, websites and ideas spreading faster than I can digest.

One of them – the main inspiration of this post – is this idea.

To summarize (although the post is super-short!), the idea is to register a collection of “notes-to-self”on your blog. For your future reference and for the rest of the world.
I am tweaking it and recording all the good stuff I have been founding out there. I see as “what have I been working on today” or “what have inspired me this week” that I may want to come back later.

I tend to bookmark waaaay too many sites, specifically blog posts that had inspired me and I want to re-read later on.  I end up never doing it because I can never find them again. Sometimes I can’t even remember why I bookmark them – unless I click on each one of the links, of course!
I also email myself links that I like. It certainly makes it faster to find but the older “self-sent” links are a lost cause.

Soooo, that post really turned on the light bulb. I just thought, “this is BRILLIANT”!
Contrary to bookmarking, I can even write a short explanation of why the links are relevant to me and have all them combined in one place!

So here we go. Websites/posts that were relevant to me this week and I may want to visit later:

  • Starting with this simple and amazing idea. It soooo needs to be printed out and added to my Baroque “house” section!
  • This post I need to go back, print and adapt. Also for my “me-binder
  • Look at this amazingly beautiful artist that I found! Really liked her work. Need to go back to browse all of it.
  • That ties in perfectly with this video that I have been watching over and over again. 
  • Very good tips here about writing when putting together a blog post or website
  • Finally, here, I think I found some “I-will-hold-your-hands-thru-the-baby-steps” to help you understand how it can be incorporated into your life.

So many wonderful work and wonderful people out there.

I am so excited those days! Really, I already said that on my last post but I truly am!

Very happy 🙂