Filofax effects

Wow, I have so much to catch-up on my Filofax reading! So many new posts with wonderful new pictures and ideas. Very good treat for a Tuesday evening.

This past few weeks have been crazy busy!
I am looking forward to some more crazy busy days over the summer but this time filled with fun stuff; which obviously includes more Filofax time!

Lately I can’t stop thinking how my urge to organize for school last year made me dig into something that have been helping me so much! My Filofaxes have been helping me more than I ever expected.
Sure thing, sometimes they drive me nuts trying to get attention all at the same time and that’s when I enter crisis mode because I don’t know which one to use! 😀

But seriously, been able to plan, and specially been able to TRACK past activities have been surprisingly rewarding.  It is an amazing gift to get to know my routine better and see how awareness helps me change old habits.  I am very happy and content these days 🙂  Very happy to be able to put my thoughts together. Very happy to almost “see” things unfolding.

It all may sound very obvious and almost a given to anyone used to it, but for me it has been a whole-new-big-revelation! AND I realized it has been forever since last time I hiked and had some fresh air on me!

So my past Sunday appointment was just this: “hike”.
And there it was a whole wonderful day of hiking with an amazing meditation break in between walks just waiting for me….. Afterwards of course, journaling about it on my Baroque.
Oh, seriously, my Filofaxes are a gift!

Peaceful “me” Sunday

PS – In case you are wondering, “Filofax Swap 2 – The Attempt!” is in progress, not forgotten! 😉


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