Filofax Overload

I have been very, VERY, indecisive about my Filofaxes set-up. I first had decided that the personal size would be best for me so I bought my first Filofax in a personal size. Than I felt it wasn’t big enough to carry all the notes, thoughts, personal paperwork, family planning and school stuff that I wanted. Plus that would require a huge amount of scanning-shrinking-trimming-and-punching that I wasn’t willing to put up with.

Ok, A5 it was then.

Later on came the idea of the much needed personal Happiness Project.  It is a huge project of its own. And the Domino was already in use, right?

Ok, another Personal size then.

My unwillingness to use, as a wallet, an organizer that doesn’t have the cash pocket across it made me disregard my Domino for this purpose as well. Very reasonable requirement, don’t you think? After all in today’s world, EVERY single transaction is made with cold, hard cash, right? Who pays bills on their iPhone or use debit card those days? Well, so that “cash-pocket” feature is extremely important!

Ok, Mini size with a cash slot then.

DH told me that he was jealous of my pretty Filofaxes. He really told me. He was unaware of it, but he told me.  I am good at interpreting his signals! Ha!  I “notice” that he wanted one for his birthday. *sight*

Ok, A5 for him then.

(How many more excuses can a person invent to justify madness Filofax purchases in a two month time-frame, you ask.  Possibilities are endless I admit!)

Anyhow, here they aaaarrrreee! Drum rolls again please!!!!
 ***** my current lovely Filofax collection**** – minus two of them that I didn’t bond and already sold on Ebay and DH’s that I purchased but it is not mine:

Don’t they look pretty all together like that? 🙂 hehe
Well, although all them are here and I have tons of ideas populating my mind that need to get down on paper, I just can’t find a set-up that works well for all of them (and for me of course, ha!).
I may just have to accept the fact that I went overboard and I am not going to use all them at the same time – and that hurts! :-/ Why? Well, they are so pretty and are not been used. Specially after reading at Philophaxy that the non-use of a Filofax almost ruined it! 
But I just can’t part with them. Can’t make myself sell any of them. 
The mini Finsbury is the only one REALLY not in use and that never was. It was supposed to be my wallet but took so long to arrive that I *aham* had to get some other small Filofax to start the year in an more organized fashion. My idea was to return the “provisory” one once the mini arrived but sure thing, that didn’t happened. 
The Classic one I started using as a work/career planning organizer but decided to move it to the A5 (once it gets here) as it fits the purpose of big picture planning. So right now it is just there, sitting pretty. 
The Belmont…oh, I love it so much! The leather is so soft and so smooth! So flat and feels so good to the touch! I scored it on Ebay for less than $20 and was using it as my work Filofax (taking it to work). Turned out too small. What was I thinking trying to squeeze in all the information overload that I daily receive as a new employee into a pocket size Filofax? Tsc,tsc. Didn’t work well. But I love it so much! Right now it is just hanging around at home with Ms. Baby-Fins and Mr. Pocket-Cross.
I have been checking all over the place other people’s blog to find ideas of uses for them but painfully I may just have to settle with the fact that having that many is NOT practical. Like Jotje on Philophaxy said on her amazingly insightful post: “ONE life, ONE planner” 🙂

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  1. I laughed at this post, especially since I had enlarged the page for easier reading of the text and ended up having to actually scroll down to take in the entire stack of FFs! They remind me of the stack of mattresses in The Princess and the Pea!

    I, too, have gone on a RAMPAGE of FF purchases since the beginning of January! I only had one, non-leather (the Urban) FF prior to January, now I own… a lot. I have some ideas on how I'll use some, am using six right now, and figure the others will either come into play or be sold. No worries, they hold their value and they won't 'go bad' in the course of a few months!

    BTW, see my blog for how I decided to use my personal Kendal. I just outfitted her completely, yesterday.

    Thanks for your post.

  2. First, what a lovely stack of Filofax to gaze upon! I, too, have gone the route you have. I have been selling unloved Filos simply because it seems cruel not to do so.

    Second, I agree with Jotje that one life needs one planner; however, I also believe in purposed Filofax (es). I love the A5 size for the ease of print, cut, punch, voila! I have a calendar/date book Filo (personal Finchley) daily productivity log (aka, to dos and routines) in my Malden A5. If I have an appointment, it goes in the personal. If I am making to do lists by date or in general, it goes in the A5. I jut need the writing room!

    I need to blog about my revised set up as well as that gorgeous Goddess Guidebook. *adding to my A5 to do list….* 😉

  3. Sandra – I like the phrase “purposed planner”, very apt!

    I suppose multiple planners allows us to live multiple lives simultaneously. 🙂

  4. Hi there!
    Nancy, I love what you said: “multiple planners allows us to live multiple lives simultaneously”. This is perfect! Totally makes sense and justify all my purchases! hehe
    Sandra, I can't wait to see your Goddess Guidebook! I have been reading a lot of Leonie's stuff and it is so good, so enlightening! I am glad someone else is also enjoying it! 🙂

  5. I did the exact same thing, inventing reasons to buy another Filofax. I bought 4 in a two month period and I am trying to think of another reason to justify a nice zipped Filo.

  6. I find it's weird that I lust after filofaxes, but don't really want them? I find myself looking & browsing on eBay, but I hate the idea of them just sitting on a bookshelf unused! Know what you mean about 'bonding' with them. I bought a raspberry Metropol, loved the colour but returned it 2 days later as I think I'd been spoilt with the leather ones. I have my Goddess year planner in my A4 filo & must blog about it 🙂

  7. Emmie, I am glad you are having your Filofax fix as well! All reasons, are always good reasons to have them! hehe
    Anita, I am so curious to see your post about the Goddess year planner! I am loving mine although I got it in Feb and am still working on the worksheets to wrap up 2011.

  8. Hey, thanks for mentioning me at the bottom of your post. I was admittedly quite surprised!
    In fact, besides a One-Life-One-Planner-Filofax, I also have purposed planners: an A5 for notes/records on the kid's school; a logbook on each kid in a Personal Filofax; an A5 for ALL addresses – both work-related and private – that I ever stumple upon and that I need to keep; a personal sized travel planner; a pocket wallet.
    I mean, not only would it be ridiculous to stuff that all in one binder, I would also need 45 mm rings to carry that brick around! In A5 size! Naaaaah …

    I'm quite intrigued about those Goddess pages. I looked at her website, but is there another place where I can see the daily sheets etc?

  9. Hi Jotje,
    I can send you some pics of the planner's sheets if you want because I think from her website, that video is the only thing that shows them. I already have a few pics on my previous post about the Baroque filofax I got from france, I don't know if you saw it:

    I am very glad to hear about all those purposed Filofaxes running around! hehe that makes me feel better! 😀

  10. Thanks for adding me into your blog list, very kind of you 🙂
    To be honest, I haven't actually filled in any of the Goddess year planner, oops… I think maybe it would be good me to do a blog post whilst it's still blank. I love the colours & doodles, all very inspiring & positive.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous stack of color! If you don't mind a tip — I change filos based on my mood. I get tired of one and just completely transfer everything into another one. I don't have as many as you, but I like to rotate. This eliminates the need to have to re-setup the contents that work for me. I can understand why you're overwhelmed though – sooo many beautiful choices. Wish I had your problem (:

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