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Filofax Overload

I have been very, VERY, indecisive about my Filofaxes set-up. I first had decided that the personal size would be best for me so I bought my first Filofax in a personal size. Than I felt it wasn’t big enough to carry all the notes, thoughts, personal paperwork, family planning and school stuff that I wanted. Plus that would require a huge amount of scanning-shrinking-trimming-and-punching that I wasn’t willing to put up with.

Ok, A5 it was then.

Later on came the idea of the much needed personal Happiness Project.  It is a huge project of its own. And the Domino was already in use, right?

Ok, another Personal size then.

My unwillingness to use, as a wallet, an organizer that doesn’t have the cash pocket across it made me disregard my Domino for this purpose as well. Very reasonable requirement, don’t you think? After all in today’s world, EVERY single transaction is made with cold, hard cash, right? Who pays bills on their iPhone or use debit card those days? Well, so that “cash-pocket” feature is extremely important!

Ok, Mini size with a cash slot then.

DH told me that he was jealous of my pretty Filofaxes. He really told me. He was unaware of it, but he told me.  I am good at interpreting his signals! Ha!  I “notice” that he wanted one for his birthday. *sight*

Ok, A5 for him then.

(How many more excuses can a person invent to justify madness Filofax purchases in a two month time-frame, you ask.  Possibilities are endless I admit!)

Anyhow, here they aaaarrrreee! Drum rolls again please!!!!
 ***** my current lovely Filofax collection**** – minus two of them that I didn’t bond and already sold on Ebay and DH’s that I purchased but it is not mine:

Don’t they look pretty all together like that? 🙂 hehe
Well, although all them are here and I have tons of ideas populating my mind that need to get down on paper, I just can’t find a set-up that works well for all of them (and for me of course, ha!).
I may just have to accept the fact that I went overboard and I am not going to use all them at the same time – and that hurts! :-/ Why? Well, they are so pretty and are not been used. Specially after reading at Philophaxy that the non-use of a Filofax almost ruined it! 
But I just can’t part with them. Can’t make myself sell any of them. 
The mini Finsbury is the only one REALLY not in use and that never was. It was supposed to be my wallet but took so long to arrive that I *aham* had to get some other small Filofax to start the year in an more organized fashion. My idea was to return the “provisory” one once the mini arrived but sure thing, that didn’t happened. 
The Classic one I started using as a work/career planning organizer but decided to move it to the A5 (once it gets here) as it fits the purpose of big picture planning. So right now it is just there, sitting pretty. 
The Belmont…oh, I love it so much! The leather is so soft and so smooth! So flat and feels so good to the touch! I scored it on Ebay for less than $20 and was using it as my work Filofax (taking it to work). Turned out too small. What was I thinking trying to squeeze in all the information overload that I daily receive as a new employee into a pocket size Filofax? Tsc,tsc. Didn’t work well. But I love it so much! Right now it is just hanging around at home with Ms. Baby-Fins and Mr. Pocket-Cross.
I have been checking all over the place other people’s blog to find ideas of uses for them but painfully I may just have to settle with the fact that having that many is NOT practical. Like Jotje on Philophaxy said on her amazingly insightful post: “ONE life, ONE planner” 🙂

New Filofax is here!

Happiness Project Binder is here! That means the Personal Baroque Turquoise arrived! Straight from France after ONLY SIX days of the shipping date! Unbelivable! Their time-frame was up to 25 days. I stuck with that so I wouldn’t be too anxious waiting around (yeah, right! Sure I didn’t! Who said I wasn’t refreshing the shipping tracking page everyday?). Well, it is finally here!

If you can recall I got spoiled checking pics of people getting their filofaxes in lovely black boxes. It is a small detail but what can I say? I got hooked on that! My first Filofax came from Filofax USA and I was all expectations about seeing that black box. It came straight out of a shipping box! Argh! Cheap and upsetting! So there I was excited to open the package from Filofax France. This time it couldn’t be straight out of a shipping box, right? After all, it wasn’t the cheapest Filofax they had available anyway (yeah, it was on sale, I admit!) Here is the appealing shipping box that I am sure you all came here to see 🙂

Then after opening the side of it, I see this:

ooowww, really? REALLY? I was so disappointed that I sat down and starred at it for a sec thinking “Why on earth do I keep getting organizers carelessly tossed into shipping boxes? Why not some thought when packing it? It could have scratched my lovely new Baroque if it was rubbing against that tough box! Why? Why?” I know it is not supposed to be a big deal but it bugs me to imagine a fancy Filofax organizer having the same packaging as a notebook ordered from Target. As I tried to get over my disappointment I carefully open the other side of the shipping box thinking that I would just see scratches all over and then I see this:

ooooowww such a relief!!! ok,ok, now makes sense! A Filofax box with a SIDE opening! Of course! I had seen some of those around! Why I didn’t think of it? Oh, man, I GLADLY didn’t see that coming! 😀
Here it is, a real Filofax box for me:

Now, enough with the box craziness and let’s get to the fun part! Shall we?

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you WITHOUT the scratches painfully visualized, the organizer in its whole glory:

***** The Filofax Personal Baroque in Turquoise ****** ta-daaaaaaa:

and THAT is a smooth cover
Lovely zipped pocket. I just realized that it has the same layout as the Malden. 

The details are so beautiful!
A whole cover of curves
One of my favorites 
The pics are showing the leather very “plastic-like” for some reason. It really is not.

From side to side

 As I mentioned earlier this Filofax is intended to be my Happiness Project. I have been devouring Gretchen Rubin’s book and thought I needed to give it a try. Then to make things better I stumbled upon Leonie Dawnson’s website and her lovely downloadable year planning workbook/calendar for 2012 and there it is! Incorporated into my Happiness Binder. Has cute pictures too! All her own art:

Super cute cover but printed in the Filofax white blank pages didn’t cut it. Very thin and see-through.
I’ll need to invest in a better paper and reprint later on
Lists! I love lists!
Goals for the year divided by areas.

My Happiness Binder is far from been complete, it has barely a few tabs on it so I will be posting again to show the progress. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂