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Oh! Dilemma…

I just can’t settle with a set-up or decide on an organizer. It’s driving me nuts. Seriously.
I am enjoying my Domino but turns out it has a life of its own! It just doesn’t want to be used for serious planning, just journaling, scribbles, thoughts, aspirations, ideas and such. My 2DPP Day-timer Flavia refills are not helping with that either. There is so much room to write! It forces me to put down just about any random thought! Don’t get me wrong, I am loving that connection we are having (Domino and I). I love to have a place to jot down ideas carelessly. I am just not getting myself organized rather distracted!
So I am back to the quest of a new organizer and a new dairy refill set-up.
Why a new organizer, you ask, if I already have one? Well, that bright pinkness of my Domino will manipulate me into its same purpose again, I am pretty sure! Can’t force its nature, it is destined for fun, journaling and doodling.

Anyway here are my thoughts that just get more confusing every minute:

  • 1st – I need an A5. I am not juggling well all 5 FF I have right now and am hoping to combine three of them in one. (not the Domino, of course!);
  • 2nd – I experimented over the holidays with a FC classic 2WP inserts – which fits an A5 I heard – and I really liked it overall but the fact that appointments are so roomy and tasks are not. My schedule doesn’t change much so I don’t need that much scheduling room rather tasks to be accomplished throughout my “set-in-stone” daily routine.
  • 3rd –  I want something nicer than Domino to be my main organizer
  • 4th –  Something smooth and sleek
  • 5th – The worse of it all: I feel soooo guilty of spending money on Filofaxes again! :-/ Most of my stuff I got on sale or on Ebay, but even thou doesn’t sit well to spend more. DH has been an enabler in this case actually. He says I keep trying to spend as minimum as possible and than I get “great deals stuff” which  are not exactly what I wanted and I end up getting frustrated. Well, he is right. The best of all is him enabling me even more by saying “Don’t try to find a deal and THEN find what you want within the deal. Just get exactly what you are looking for this time.” oooohhh, I love that he is right! 🙂

So here are my visual reproductions of my 2nd, 4th and 5th points:

2nd: I like the tasks at the bottom of the page. Gives me a feeling that I am supposed to work on them after work at the end of the day which is what actually happens anyway. Just wish the space distribution was the other way around – more tasks, less appointments (and weekends evenly spaced with weekdays):

Layout I tried out over the Holidays

4th: It would be sooooo perfect to find that gorgeous Panama in A5!

Can’t get smoother or sleeker than that!

5th: There goes the ultimate guiltiness pleasure (inspired by DH):

So beautiful!

and that one:

All the cool kids have it!
Seriously, all the Filofax experts fall in love with it. Should I dare?
Well, will see how everything unfolds. One thing is for sure, I need to get some system going and quick!



My lovely first Filo hanging by the vanity…still waiting for my inserts from Day-timer… to hopefully finalize my 2012 setup!

Meanwhile I have been buying Filofaxes from Ebay like crazy! Well, the deals were good, what can I say? 🙂
I got a gorgeous Belmont pocket size that is so pretty I was afraid to use it. The leather is so soft and smooth! I got two personal Finsburys although I decided that one of them will go for sale pretty soon as we didn’t “click” as well. Also I purchased a pocket classic that I am very content and has been filling its purpose wonderfully! Anyway, pretty soon I am hoping to upload some pics of my setup for those other ones as well.

It has been a very good process for me to sort out and experiment with different organizers, purposes and layouts. Feeling very content and peaceful those days! A big thanks to my organizers helping me achieve a more well-ran life!

An Unusual Planner

As my big resolution at the end of 2011 I am on my quest to have a much better planned and organized life in 2012. After much research I ended up purchasing a couple of Franklin Coveys and my first Filofax (all about it here). Although I abandoned the FC binders shortly after and am still working on the set up of my Filofax, the one thing I was sure was that I couldn’t put all my plans in one single organizer.

After reading about WeekDate calendars at Plannerisms AND reading in someone’s blog (sorry, no link this time. I don’t remember where I read it) that the FlyLady system is very compatible with WeekDate, I decided to go for it! That planner would be just for house chores/work.

Throughout my digging here and there searching for a “perfect” organizational set up, I found this lovely idea by Jen Hewett.  Her concept is based on post-it reminders that we all once had placed around our monitors in an attempt to not forget tasks (important or not). You can read more about it on her own blog.

So… I decided to incorporate it to my WeekDate planner. 

On the left side – better saying on the back side – of the calendar I will stock up all the chores/ tasks that come to mind in no specific order like this:

Throughout the daily calendar then I will move and spread those tasks/chores into specific days like that:

If something can’t be done as planned I just move the sticker to another day. I am really making WeekDate’s “only write it once” motto happens!
Anyway, I hadn’t color coded anything yet as I want to make it as simple as possible but I may have to do it. I have been experimenting with it this past week and will be bringing my updates on that system pretty soon!
One more pic just for the fun of it and thanks again for reading my blog!